September 15, 2022, 17:46

The answer to the always relevant question was given in the YouTube project of Yevhenii Yanovych and Spartak Subbota «Podcast Therapy»


School meal reform! We immediately mention the author of the project, Ukrainian activist and chef Yevhen Klopotenko. He is trying to change the menu of school canteens, replacing outdated recipes with healthy modern dishes. However, it faces hate. Which, in principle, is expected, because people are afraid of change. Ukrainian psychiatrist and candidate of psychological sciences Spartak Subbota explained this phenomenon in detail in the YouTube project «Podcast therapy».

Our nervous system always seeks the path of least resistance. Everything that is clear and accessible is important to us, he explains. – In principle, this belongs to the category of cognitive biases. We have four groups of them. The first: the brain always pays more attention to recognizable objects. Second: the brain pays more attention to those objects that strongly stand out from the familiar series, because it considers them as dangerous and tries to «escape». Third: there is a misjudgment when a person is faced with something and realizes that a decision must be made quickly, and then mistakes are made. Fourth, there is a high potential for stress, so the nervous system cannot make correct decisions.

The expert is convinced that when evaluating any reform or innovation, some people feel and express hate precisely because of these cognitive biases.

When people realize that someone brings something new and possibly useful to society, they encounter all four groups— say Saturday. — They think: «the familiar is safe, and the new is automatically dangerous.» It is also worth understanding: in order to make a decision, it is necessary that things do not happen quickly. But when you need to make a decision about changes quickly, no one lets you do it.

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