Consuming fresh juice without sugar and other additives is not only tasty, but also beneficial for health. Here are 5 juices that are an indispensable addition to the diet if you are over 50 years old.


Why the emphasis on age? This does not mean at all that old age is something very special, and that it is time for you, grandmother, to ask your grandchildren to chew radishes for you. The fact is that the female body has different needs for nutrients at different age periods. So, for example, after 50 years, the need for a number of vitamins and minerals increases. And a lack will make you feel tired and lead a less active lifestyle.

1. Freshly squeezed or fortified orange juice

Fresh orange juice is a great morning boost and a source of vitamin C. You can also opt for vitamin D-fortified orange juice. It is very rare and can be found in few health food stores, but nutritionists recommend it because the elderly are often deficient in vitamin D.

Well, if you don’t believe in packaged juices, it will be even easier for you — you won’t have to go and look for fortified juice. Just squeeze an orange and take a vitamin D supplement.

2. Beet juice

Beet juice is something in a very strange language, but believe me, the juice from this root vegetable, which you used to throw in borscht, will do wonders for your health. First, it helps lower blood pressure. Secondly, it prevents deterioration of cognitive functions.

There is a whole study that proves that elderly people who drank 2 glasses of beet juice every day had increased blood circulation in the brain, precisely in the area that improves working memory.


3. Pomegranate juice

Pomegranate juice, especially fresh or without sugar, is a real magic wand. It contains so many antioxidants that it is indispensable for women’s health at any age. The polyphenols found in pomegranates help reduce inflammation and blood pressure levels, which is important for those with high levels of stress or joint pain. Is it all together?

In addition, pomegranate juice contains another unique thing. These are urolithins that help strengthen muscles and improve the work of mitochondria. Therefore, pomegranate juice is extremely useful.

4. Uzvar from prunes

Although plums, and prunes in particular, are used as a reliable means to improve intestinal peristalsis, this fruit is not as simple as it seems at first glance.

Studies have shown that eating about 10 prunes a day can prevent bone loss in postmenopausal women. All thanks to the boron contained in prunes.

Prepare decoctions of prunes, eat them with meals — all this will help the health of your bones.


5. Jam juice

And this is already a little exotic, we decided to leave it for a sweet. The popularity of this drink is growing, and for good reason: it consists of many anti-inflammatory ingredients and contains many antioxidants. It also has antiviral properties, so it will help strengthen the body during periods when everyone starts to catch a cold.

How to make jamu juice

It’s very simple. First you need the following ingredients:

  • 100 g of fresh turmeric
  • 50 g of fresh ginger root
  • 1 lime
  • 2 tablespoons of honey
  • a little ground black pepper
  • 800 ml of water

Cooking is also quite simple. Mix turmeric, ginger and water in a blender and blend until smooth. Then pour into a saucepan with thick walls and cook over high heat until boiling, then reduce the heat and cook for another 15 minutes. Then squeeze lime juice into the mixture, and stir in honey. Pepper to your taste and you can drink. You can dilute the jam with still water, and you can add ice cubes. It’s very tasty, but don’t believe us. It is better to prepare it yourself and check it.

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