5 phrases about beer that are actually fake

There are a few phras­es we often hear about beer that are actu­al­ly not true. We are used to them, we believe in them and pass them on. It’s time to break the chain of myths.


Despite the fact that many of these beliefs seem to be true and rea­son­able, they are com­plete­ly untrue, which has no sci­en­tif­ic con­fir­ma­tion. In the new arti­cle, we will delve into the myths that beer drinkers believe. Go deep and you, if you love this drink. Or share it with a beer lover friend.

1. Beer should always be served ice cold.

Mmmm, hot sum­mer day, ter­race, a bot­tle of ice-cold beer. Yum­my, right? If you’re one of those who always serve beer as cold as an ice­berg because you’re afraid of the bad smell from the heat, don’t wor­ry.

Beer per­fect­ly with­stands tem­per­a­ture changes, tran­si­tion from warm to cold and vice ver­sa before it is opened. Some vari­eties even need to be served warm to achieve the right taste.

What beer hates is sun­light. So it is rec­om­mend­ed not to take beer in the refrig­er­a­tor, which is on the sun­ny side, direct­ly under direct sun­light. This beer will stink.


2. If you drink beer before stronger drinks, you will have a hangover, but if you don’t

Sci­en­tists have debunked this myth. And it real­ly does­n’t mat­ter what order you drink your drinks in. And it does­n’t even mat­ter if you only drink beer all evening. Oth­er fac­tors influ­ence the hang­over in one way or anoth­er, and shaman­ic dances with a tam­bourine and beer will not alle­vi­ate it.

3. Dark beer is stronger than light beer

Light beer only seems light and white, ten­der and soft. In fact, you should not assume that the col­or of the beer deter­mines its strength. It is very impor­tant to look at the per­cent­age of alco­hol in the drink, and not at its col­or.


4. Beer grows belly

The term “beer bel­ly” is famil­iar to every beer lover and lover. Slight­ly swollen bel­ly? Oh, you have a beer bel­ly, all because of the beer! How­ev­er, beer can­not change your shape. It is affect­ed by excess calo­rie intake, seden­tary lifestyle and unhealthy habits.

Vis­cer­al fat (the same fat on the bel­ly) can cause a lot of health prob­lems, so it is rec­om­mend­ed to get rid of it. Try to eat more healthy food, exer­cise and lead an active lifestyle. And then the “beer bel­ly” (which is actu­al­ly a myth of pure water) will dis­ap­pear by itself.

5 Draft Beer Causes Hangovers

Some believe that draft beer caus­es hang­overs much more often and more severe­ly than draft beer. Again, this is a myth. Sci­en­tists have researched this claim and found it to be a myth. In fact, there is no con­nec­tion between draft beer and the sever­i­ty of the hang­over that comes after drink­ing too much alco­hol.

Hang­overs are caused by a vari­ety of fac­tors, includ­ing dehy­dra­tion, stom­ach irri­ta­tion, inflam­ma­tion, diges­tive upsets, and more. Drink­ing exces­sive amounts of alco­hol, regard­less of its type and ori­gin, caus­es a hang­over, and it does not mat­ter if alco­hol is on tap or from a bot­tle.

Do you believe in beer myths?

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