6 reasons why you get a headache on vacation

For migraine suf­fer­ers, hol­i­day headaches are a real­i­ty. This is why it hap­pens.

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Most peo­ple spend their vaca­tions and week­ends relax­ing, trav­el­ing, hav­ing fun with friends, and mak­ing good mem­o­ries. But when you suf­fer from migraine attacks, rest turns into a night­mare: instead of cock­tails on the beach, painkillers, instead of a date — lying in bed with logs, instead of a hob­by — a headache and the inabil­i­ty to even think.

If you suf­fer from a headache while on vaca­tion, don’t be so quick to think of your­self as some kind of mutant or los­er. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, it can hap­pen to any­one, and migraines are not as sim­ple as they seem.

So what pro­vokes a headache in moments of relax­ation and peace? But how to get rid of it?

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1. You have a muffled headache

You have just set­tled down on the couch with your favorite book, poured your­self cocoa, put a vase with cook­ies, and are ready to relax… when it appears he. And I’m not talk­ing about the man of your dreams or a magi­cian who will give you a lot of mon­ey. I’m talk­ing about a headache. Any­one famil­iar with migraines knows that nasty feel­ing — a thin pain in the tem­ple that feels like it’s there, but it’s not.

This is a muf­fled headache. It occurs when the stress lev­el decreas­es. Accord­ing to a study in the jour­nal Neu­rol­o­gy, some peo­ple actu­al­ly get headaches because the inten­si­ty of stress drops, although sci­en­tists still don’t under­stand why this hap­pens. In their opin­ion, this hap­pens pre­cise­ly because of fluc­tu­a­tions in the lev­el of stress hor­mones.

If you notice that you have a headache dur­ing vaca­tion and rest, you should:

  • sta­bi­lize the stress lev­el;
  • rest more often;
  • bet­ter sleep;
  • do not bur­den your­self with a large num­ber of dai­ly tasks.

Man­age your stress because it can start to man­age you.

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2. You got out of your sleep schedule

Every­one knows that if you don’t get enough sleep, you might get a headache. All because unpro­duc­tive sleep is a migraine’s best friend.

If you suf­fer from fre­quent migraines, your sleep sched­ule is very impor­tant. There is no way to get out of it, but dur­ing rest we often do it. For exam­ple, we start walk­ing from dawn to dusk. Or when we fly to anoth­er coun­try, to trav­el.

In order not to devi­ate from a healthy sleep rou­tine dur­ing vaca­tion, you need:

  • do not use gad­gets before going to bed;
  • try to go to bed and wake up exact­ly the same as before the vaca­tion;
  • fall asleep in the dark
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3. You have a lot of small stresses

A vaca­tion is not always a rest under palm trees with a cock­tail in hand. These are also prob­lems. Thoughts that you for­got to turn off some­thing at home. Chil­dren are capri­cious because they can­not take all the toys with them. The man grum­bles that the suit­case is too heavy. Moth­er-in-law drips on the brain, because it would be bet­ter to invest this mon­ey in the con­struc­tion of a dacha, and not gul­ki! Any­one will get a headache here.

In order not to suc­cumb to stress, you need to rest, med­i­tate and relax often and pro­duc­tive­ly.

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4. You drink little water

Headaches are often caused by dehy­dra­tion. That is why when going on vaca­tion or just relax­ing, do not for­get to keep a bot­tle of water with you and drink from it some­times. And most impor­tant­ly, do not abuse alco­hol. Alco­hol acts as a diuret­ic and can cause severe dehy­dra­tion.

And dehy­dra­tion, of course, will not come, but will lead to a headache.

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5. You are too high

When we trav­el, we fly in a plane or climb moun­tains, and this can cause headaches. If you want your trip not to be ruined by a migraine, try to take more breaks and drink often. Check with your doc­tor — he may be able to pre­scribe you some anti-migraine med­ica­tion.

But if a headache is con­stant­ly both­er­ing you, maybe you should change your place of rest?

6. Your diet has changed

Foods with a high con­tent of tyra­mine, nitrates, sul­fites and some arti­fi­cial ingre­di­ents can cause headaches. The rea­son can be cheeses, dried meat and sausages, pick­led prod­ucts, alco­hol, caf­feine.

Try to eat most­ly what you eat at home, out­side of vaca­tion. And del­i­ca­cies and good­ies — only for lunch or in the evening.

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