6 simple ways to keep your heart healthy

Heart dis­eases have become much younger and are increas­ing­ly com­mon in those who are still very far from old age. How to pro­tect your­self?

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Include citrus fruits in the menu

Suc­cess­ful actress and moth­er of three chil­dren, Uma Thur­man, drinks a glass of fresh­ly squeezed orange juice in the morn­ing, rich in vit­a­min C. Dif­fi­cult duties and con­stant time pres­sure require increased dos­es of this vit­a­min to pro­tect the heart from stress.

ADVICE. To keep your flame engine work­ing like clock­work, eat 1 orange, tan­ger­ine or grape­fruit every day. The lat­ter, by the way, con­tains nargi­nine — a valu­able com­pound that pre­vents the regen­er­a­tion of “good” cells into malig­nant ones.

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Sing more often

It has been observed that opera singers and those who sing in a choir extend their lives up to 5 years thanks to vocals (if, of course, they lead a healthy lifestyle). Dur­ing singing, the blood flow in the small (pul­monary) cir­cle of blood cir­cu­la­tion is acti­vat­ed, which ensures enhanced gas exchange and oxy­gen deliv­ery to the heart mus­cle.

ADVICE. It is not nec­es­sary to per­form arias and romances at a pro­fes­sion­al lev­el. Hum your favorite tunes while doing house­work, sing along with guests at the fes­tive table or with loved ones in your free time at karaoke.

Move more

It’s no secret that most of us sit for hours at the com­put­er or with our noses buried in our smart­phones. Mean­while, sci­en­tists from the Uni­ver­si­ty of Texas found that every addi­tion­al hour spent sit­ting sig­nif­i­cant­ly increas­es the risk of heart attacks (stroke and heart attack).

ADVICE. Myocar­dial fit­ness min­i­mum is 40 min­utes of phys­i­cal activ­i­ty per day. Be sure to carve out this time in your sched­ule, oth­er­wise the heart will begin to weak­en. Do you work in an office? Take a break every hour: climb a cou­ple of flights of stairs, go to the print­er at the end of the cor­ri­dor or do a warm-up.

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Check your cholesterol level

In fact, we can­not exist with­out cho­les­terol. For exam­ple, it is from this sub­stance that the hor­mones we need are syn­the­sized (by the way, 80% of cho­les­terol is pro­duced by the liv­er and only 20% we get from food). Cho­les­terol is dis­trib­uted through­out the body in com­pounds of two types.

  • High-den­si­ty lipopro­teins (HDL) — the “good” ones — help clear excess cho­les­terol from artery walls, send­ing it to the liv­er for dis­pos­al.
  • Low-den­si­ty lipopro­tein (LDL) — the “bad” — car­ries cho­les­terol to the walls of blood ves­sels, where it accu­mu­lates, form­ing plaques.

It’s all right, but if the diet is dom­i­nat­ed by fat­ty foods, fast food, and smoked prod­ucts, the lev­el of “bad” cho­les­terol begins to sky­rock­et, and “good” HDL cho­les­terol does not cope with its work. As a result, the plaques increase, the lumen of the ves­sel nar­rows. The risk of ath­er­o­scle­ro­sis, which means heart attacks and strokes, increas­es.

ADVICE. Switch to a low-fat diet, empha­siz­ing veg­eta­bles, fruits, and seafood. And also take a reg­u­lar blood test — it will help to detect the lev­el of cho­les­terol. The norm is 5.2 mmol/l. Indi­ca­tors from 5.3 to 6.5 mmol/l — you have entered the risk zone! By the way, the phar­ma­cy now sells express tests for cho­les­terol, which you can eas­i­ly use at home.

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Live in harmony with yourself!

Researchers observed the fate of 10,000 women for 13 years and came to the con­clu­sion: in hap­py women, heart dis­eases devel­op much less often and occur in a milder form com­pared to those who have nev­er met their soul mate or live in con­stant stress.

ADVICE. Do not sit idly by! To achieve har­mo­ny with your­self and those around you, con­stant­ly improve. Start doing yoga, sign up for the­ater skills cours­es, learn a for­eign lan­guage. Who knows, maybe a new hob­by will reveal your hid­den tal­ents!

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laugh a lot

The work of the heart is affect­ed not only by a healthy diet and lifestyle, but also by a good mood, a good life.

ADVICE. To reduce the risk of car­dio­vas­cu­lar dis­eases, be sure to laugh and be hap­py as often as pos­si­ble. Watch fun­ny and sil­ly TV shows, scroll through memes on the Inter­net, watch sil­ly videos with ani­mals. Radi­um!

Do you have any heart health secrets?

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