7 simple but effective ways

No strength and ener­gy at zero? To recharge your bat­ter­ies, lift your tone and feel a surge of ener­gy, try these sim­ple tricks. You will be sur­prised: they real­ly work!

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1. Drink more water

It is the main source of ener­gy in our body. To be alert and effi­cient, try to drink 150 ml of water every hour. Make sure it is warm or room tem­per­a­ture, not cold. This will improve metab­o­lism — and there will be more ener­gy.

And do not for­get: a healthy adult should drink about one and a half liters of ordi­nary water per day. This is not only a guar­an­tee of main­tain­ing ener­gy, but also a great ambu­lance for your beau­ty. Try to drink your water norm a day, and you will see how ten­der, silky and soft your skin of the face and body will become.

2. Make a fruit smoothie

For exam­ple, from pears, berries and oat­meal. You will need: a glass of low-fat kefir, 1 tbsp. l. oat­meal, pear, banana, a hand­ful of berries. Mix all the ingre­di­ents in a blender, add a lit­tle hon­ey. Such a drink ener­gizes the body, increas­es defens­es, has a pos­i­tive effect on the diges­tive sys­tem and helps fight sea­son­al depres­sion.

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3. Do simple exercises

Here are two exer­cis­es that will engage fine motor skills and help you “restart” cog­ni­tive process­es, relieve fatigue and ner­vous ten­sion, and feel a surge of ener­gy. Place one hand palm up. With­in 30 sec­onds, tap on it with the edge of the oth­er. Then swap them. Put your hands on the table: straight­en and spread the fin­gers of one, bend the oth­er, on the con­trary. With bent fin­gers of one hand, make 10–12 “comb­ing” move­ments from the tips to the base of the straight­ened fin­gers of the sec­ond. Change hands.

4. Move more

Any phys­i­cal activ­i­ty increas­es the flow of ener­gy at times. To increase vital­i­ty, try to take a break from work every hour to do a few squats and bends. So you dis­perse the blood and improve per­for­mance.

In addi­tion, there are spe­cial exer­cis­es that increase vital­i­ty. For exam­ple, the “invert­ed tri­an­gle” pose from yoga. Stand up straight, spread your legs wider than your shoul­ders. Take a wide step back with your right foot and turn the sock so that you ful­ly stand on the foot, spread your arms to the sides. Lean towards the left leg, try­ing to reach her foot. At the same time, reach for the upper arm to the ceil­ing, try to align the whole body and bring it to the same plane. Hold this pose for a few sec­onds, then repeat on the oth­er side.

5. Take a contrast shower

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Alter­nat­ing expo­sure to low and high tem­per­a­tures makes the walls of blood ves­sels elas­tic, acti­vates meta­bol­ic process­es, and increas­es the pro­tec­tive func­tions of the body. First, it is rec­om­mend­ed to warm up well under hot water. Then there should be a short dous­ing with cool. Don’t let your­self freeze. The show­er should­n’t be an ordeal. Three turns are enough. And then focus on your feel­ings. Every day grad­u­al­ly increase the tem­per­a­ture dif­fer­ence between hot and cold water.

6. Do something new every day

Apply the prac­tice of the ancient Indi­ans — “heyokas”. Its essence is to do some­thing new every day that you have nev­er done before. You can cook a dish accord­ing to a new recipe, draw some­thing, learn a dance, go to the store along a dif­fer­ent route — any­thing! Such exper­i­ments will help to shake things up and feel more cheer­ful and younger.

7. Plug in aromatherapy

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Apply a drop of orange, grape­fruit or cedar­wood essen­tial oils to a tow­el after a show­er. The mood will imme­di­ate­ly improve, and strength will come. To be in good shape all day, put 1–2 drops of cin­na­mon oil on a nap­kin in the morn­ing and put it in a glass of hot water.

Increas­ing vital­i­ty and adding ener­gy is not at all as dif­fi­cult as it seems! Take action!

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