watermelon diet. Tips, reviews, contraindications, options

One of the safest and tasti­est mono-diets is the water­mel­on diet. With the help of this sweet and juicy berry, accord­ing to reviews, you can lose up to 10 extra pounds in just a week. And all this — at home, with­out addi­tion­al pro­ce­dures and efforts on your­self.

watermelon diet


What will you learn about the water­mel­on diet:

Of course, like any oth­er seri­ous cleans­ing of the body, a water­mel­on diet requires pre­lim­i­nary prepa­ra­tion. Before you start it, learn about all the fea­tures, rules and pit­falls. Lisa will tell you all the most impor­tant things about the water­mel­on diet!

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Watermelon diet: rules

The first thing you should pay atten­tion to is the ten­den­cy to aller­gic reac­tions. This mono-diet will suit you if you have been eat­ing water­mel­ons dur­ing the sea­son for more than a year, and the body does not “give you” unex­pect­ed reac­tions in the form of a rash, indi­ges­tion, skin red­ness or feel­ing unwell.

The sec­ond gold­en rule of the water­mel­on diet is a short time. Such clean­ing is still a lot of stress for the body. There­fore, 5–7 days is the max­i­mum peri­od that you can sit on water­mel­ons with­out harm to health.

What Not to Do on the Watermelon Diet

With all vari­ants of the water­mel­on diet, 100% is impos­si­ble:

  • smoked meats and canned food;
  • salty;
  • sweet;
  • flour (except rye bread).
watermelon diet reviews


Watermelon Diet Menu

It would seem — what’s so com­pli­cat­ed here: for the next week you have only one dish on the menu — water­mel­on. The diet, how­ev­er, pro­vides for cer­tain norms.

You can eat no more than 1 kg of water­mel­ons per 10 kg of your own weight per day. For exam­ple: the ini­tial weight is 70 kg, you can eat 7 kg of water­mel­on per day. The amount seems unbe­liev­able, but water­mel­on is not the most nutri­tious food, so rest assured it will fit.

You can only drink pure water in unlim­it­ed quan­ti­ties on a water­mel­on diet. Although usu­al­ly after this watery and juicy berry there is no addi­tion­al need for liq­uid.

The second version of the watermelon diet

There is anoth­er ver­sion of the water­mel­on diet, which results in about 3–7 kg in 10 days of the diet. It is suit­able for those who do not want to eat only water­mel­on, or can­not for some rea­son.

Here is a sam­ple water­mel­on diet menu:

  • BASED: water­mel­on.
  • You add two more slices of rye bread to each meal.

Way out of the water­mel­on diet of the sec­ond type:

  • clear pro­tein-car­bo­hy­drate nutri­tion (no fats!);
  • four hours before bed­time — 3–4 pieces of water­mel­on.

The third version of the watermelon diet

For those who can­not eat only water­mel­on, a sam­ple menu:

  • at the base, as always, water­mel­on (min­i­mum — 2 kg of water­mel­on);
  • add more pro­tein foods and veg­eta­bles (fish, lean meat, cot­tage cheese, and veg­eta­bles — non-starchy and green).
watermelon diet for weight loss


Pros and cons of the watermelon diet

The main rea­son why we love the water­mel­on diet so much is its high effi­cien­cy in a short time.

Anoth­er of the big plus­es of the water­mel­on diet is its easy tol­er­ance. There will be prac­ti­cal­ly no feel­ing of hunger, and if the monot­o­ny does not both­er you, every­thing will go fine.

No less impor­tant is that by eat­ing water­mel­ons, you enrich the body. Folic acid is one of the main “female” vit­a­mins and use­ful trace ele­ments are not washed out, but, on the con­trary, they are sup­plied in large quan­ti­ties. At the same time, tox­ins and tox­ins are suc­cess­ful­ly removed — they are sim­ply “washed out” by water­mel­on.

Let’s talk about the cons. No mat­ter how good the water­mel­on diet is, reviews indi­cate that it is not suit­able for every­one. If in the first days you feel unwell, it is bet­ter to stop.

Watermelon diet contraindications

With cau­tion, such an exper­i­ment should be car­ried out by those who have had prob­lems with the gall­blad­der, kid­neys or uri­nary sys­tem as a whole, because water­mel­on is a strong diuret­ic. The water­mel­on diet is also not indi­cat­ed for dia­bet­ics.

watermelon diet


Watermelon diet: reviews

Water­mel­on is one of the most pop­u­lar sum­mer mono-diets, so it’s easy to find reviews about its effec­tive­ness.

An effec­tive diet, I lost about 3 kg in 5 days, and about 7 kg in a month. It is best to sit on this diet in the sum­mer.

I am sit­ting for the sec­ond day — the weight of 61 kg has not changed much. The only thing is that there is almost no feel­ing of hunger. But if I don’t see the result tomor­row, I’m afraid I won’t be able to stand it for 5 days.

And I liked it! )) Lost 5.5 kg in 5 days. For six months, only half a kilo returned! )) True, I rode a bicy­cle for 3–4 hours a day (it was last August). I will repeat next sum­mer if we get off dur­ing the win­ter. )))

I’m on a diet for the sec­ond day .. in the morn­ing the scales showed ‑1.5 kg. Let’s see what hap­pens tomor­row morn­ing

so the week of the water­mel­on diet end­ed, the result is excel­lent) before it was 68.6 after 62.1)) height 170) I’ll still stay for a week)

Girls who do not lose weight in the first days. don’t be scared, the water­mel­on in your body is bad for every­thing that you have accu­mu­lat­ed in the large intes­tine (for years and years!!!!). Then every­thing will go like clock­work. And try to move more. Every year I sit on water­mel­ons in autumn. I am 48, my weight is sta­ble 55. My sons are proud of me.

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