8 exercises for a flat stomach from Anita Lutsenko

The beach sea­son is about to start, which means it’s time to get in shape. It is not nec­es­sary to exhaust your­self with work­outs in the gym. The pan­dem­ic has proven that you can do it at home. How to get a flat tum­my and form a beau­ti­ful press? And for this you need to spend only 7 min­utes a day!

Exercises for a flat stomach


Star train­er Ani­ta Lut­senko named 8 exer­cis­es that will help you cre­ate per­fect abs in 7 min­utes a day. The work­out includes 8 exer­cis­es last­ing 45 sec­onds each.

“We were wait­ing for a sign — this is it. My ab work­out is sim­ple and can be done any­where. You will feel the press, every abdom­i­nal mus­cle. And yes! I believe in you, you will suc­ceed!”,

Lut­senko inspires.

Why is it impossible to remove the stomach

Before start­ing class­es, you should famil­iar­ize your­self with the rea­sons why the press is not vis­i­ble. Usu­al­ly, accord­ing to Ani­ta, the fol­low­ing fac­tors hin­der the process:

  • There is a lot of fat in the abdomen that cov­ers the mus­cles. Review your menu.
  • No reg­u­lar full body work­outs. Any exer­cise involves the press.
  • Wrong exe­cu­tion tech­nique. Fol­low me dur­ing train­ing.

Who can not download the press

How to pump up the press


Every work­out has its own caveats. The train­er calls to pay atten­tion to con­traindi­ca­tions.

You can not down­load the press:

  • preg­nant women;
  • dur­ing crit­i­cal days, if you feel bad;
  • with­in 6–8 weeks after birth.
  • If you have health prob­lems, con­sult your doc­tor.

8 exercises for the press from Anita Lutsenko

8 exercises for the press


Do these exer­cis­es reg­u­lar­ly, and the results will not keep you wait­ing!


Start­ing posi­tion — lying on your back. We swing the usu­al direct press for 45 sec­onds.


Posi­tion — lying on your back, hands behind your head, legs bent at the knees. With the right side we reach for the left leg, with the left — for the right.


Shoul­ders in weight, hands behind the head. Stretch your legs straight up and low­er and raise each one in turn.


Posi­tion, as in the exer­cise of scis­sors. How­ev­er, now you need to stretch with even arms to the legs extend­ed upwards.


We keep our legs in the air and begin to move them in turn, as when rid­ing a bicy­cle. At the same time, hold­ing hands behind the head, with the right elbow we reach for the left knee and vice ver­sa.


We get into the bar on out­stretched arms, then lift the but­tocks up and return to the start­ing posi­tion, pulling the right knee to the shoul­der. We do the same on the left side.


We lie down on our side so that the empha­sis is on the right hand, and the knees are bent. We put the sec­ond hand behind the head. Raise your hips and low­er back. We do the same on the oth­er side.


We sit down, bend­ing our knees and lean­ing back slight­ly so that the body forms the let­ter “V” with the hips. Then we tear off the legs from the floor and begin to twist the body and arms to the right and left.

Watch the video and repeat after the train­er!

Suc­cess­ful train­ing!

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