How not to gain weight in winter: the secrets of the participant “Top Models in Ukrainian”

Novem­ber 13, 2020, 12:59

Masha Mikhee­va from the third sea­son of the mod­el­ing real­i­ty show of the New Chan­nel knows how in the cold sea­son you can not gain even a kilo­gram

Many gain a few extra pounds in win­ter — we move less, eat more, and the body stores fat to warm itself. What to do to go against the sys­tem and not gain a sin­gle kilo­gram in the cold sea­son, knows Masha Mikhee­va, a par­tic­i­pant in the third sea­son of the Top Mod­el in Ukrain­ian project, the Super Sea­son of which is now shown by Novy Kanal.

“Last win­ter, for the first time in years, I didn’t get bet­ter! Although usu­al­ly dur­ing the three months of win­ter I gained about three extra pounds, — the girl not­ed. — And this is not a mir­a­cle, but a con­stant work on one­self.

Secret number 1: Do sports that are comfortable for you

Do not tor­ture your­self with pow­er loads if you do not like them. Masha, for exam­ple, first did Pilates, and then switched to fit­ness.

Secret #2: Work out with a good trainer

Find a per­son who can inspire and moti­vate you to con­stant­ly work on your­self and will not allow you to give up if you real­ly want to stop play­ing sports.

Secret #3: Be disciplined

- I go to the gym three times a week, in addi­tion, I do stretch­ing at home. Lazi­ness, cold — these are all excus­es that you should for­get about. No mat­ter what, get up and go to the hall. Just imag­ine how much buzz you get after class — and the willpow­er was “pumped”, and the fig­ure became bet­ter, — said the grad­u­ate of the mod­el real­i­ty of the New Chan­nel.

Secret #4: Listen to your body

It’s about nutri­tion. Masha is sure that in order to feel good and be slim, you should not go on diets, but lis­ten to your body.

I eat a lot of dif­fer­ent foods, but in very small por­tions. Instead of snacks, I eat raw veg­eta­bles. If I “break down” on soda, then on this day I no longer allow myself sweets, and vice ver­sa, says Mikhee­va. — For break­fast I eat cot­tage cheese or yogurt, for lunch — light soup, scram­bled eggs and fruits, for din­ner — fresh sal­ad, meat or fish and green tea. And most impor­tant­ly, I drink a lot of water!

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