How to deal with sleepiness at work

Sep­tem­ber 23, 2020, 16:23

Feel­ing sleepy at work? Can’t wake up and focus? We offer you effec­tive exer­cis­es and tech­niques to over­come drowsi­ness at work.

how to overcome sleepiness at work


Exercise from drowsiness No.1

To com­bat drowsi­ness, vig­or­ous­ly rub the ears for about a minute. Then, with warm fin­gers, rub your cheeks up and down. After that, light­ly tap the top of your head with your palm. This is a very effec­tive exer­cise for drowsi­ness.

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Sleepiness Exercise #2

Mas­sage your palms for 2–3 min­utes, stretch your fin­gers and rub them togeth­er. Then vig­or­ous­ly stroke the inside and out­side of your fore­arms with your fist. This will help to over­come drowsi­ness, refresh and put thoughts in order.

Sleepiness Exercise #3

Vig­or­ous­ly rub the nasolabi­al folds with your fin­gers, squeeze and open your eye­lids sev­er­al times — these sim­ple actions should dri­ve away drowsi­ness and invig­o­rate.

Breathing exercises for drowsiness

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  • Stand up straight, take a breath and hold your breath for as long as pos­si­ble. Then exhale force­ful­ly through your mouth. This exer­cise helps to puri­fy the air left in the lungs, pro­motes the absorp­tion of oxy­gen into the blood, and ulti­mate­ly helps to over­come drowsi­ness.
  • Stand straight, spread your arms to the sides. Inhale slow­ly and hold your breath. And while exhal­ing, tap in dif­fer­ent places on the chest with your fin­ger­tips. Do this exer­cise care­ful­ly — after it you may feel dizzy. But the dream will take off like a hand.
  • Close the right nos­tril with the thumb of the right hand and inhale through the left nos­tril. After that, close the left nos­tril with the ring fin­ger of the right hand, and open the right nos­tril. Exhale through the free right nos­tril. Then do the oppo­site. Alter­nate breath­ing helps to quick­ly set the brain to work and over­come drowsi­ness.

Effective remedy for drowsiness

how to overcome sleepiness at work


Wash your face alter­nate­ly with cold and hot water. Repeat the action three times. Fin­ish with cold water. If you are afraid to wash off your make­up, then arrange a con­trast mini-show­er for hands. To do this, put the brush­es under a strong stream of water for 2–3 min­utes. And alter­nate between cold and hot water. This proven tech­nique is able to invig­o­rate, refresh and over­come drowsi­ness at work for a long time.

Solving simple problems

If you can’t focus on impor­tant things, hum­ble your­self and choose tasks that do not require much men­tal effort. You can sort through the mail, answer the let­ters that came dur­ing the day, make a plan for tomor­row, make a few calls. You can even try to clean up the work­place. Or just talk with col­leagues, not nec­es­sar­i­ly at work: social activ­i­ty invig­o­rates.

What are your ways to deal with drowsi­ness? Share with us in the com­ments.

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