How to eat right for women after 40: advice from a nutritionist

After 40, a wom­an’s health changes. Com­plete­ly new process­es are tak­ing place in the body and soul, and it is nec­es­sary to know about them in advance. How to eat right after 40 years, what to add and what to remove from the diet?

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Women over 40 often expe­ri­ence inter­nal and exter­nal changes to some extent.

The pro­duc­tion of female hor­mones decreas­es due to the fact that the body decides not to repro­duce, that is, child­bear­ing. He goes into the so-called econ­o­my mode: “We are unlike­ly to give birth, so we don’t need female hor­mones in such quan­ti­ties.” Well, if you look from one side: PMS and month­ly blood loss cease to tor­ment. But age over 40 has the oth­er side of the coin.

New prob­lems begin to arise: a slow­down in metab­o­lism, due to which weight increas­es with the same diet. When we gain weight “from years, not from cut­lets”, the skin changes, so-called age-relat­ed dis­eases appear, such as hyper­ten­sion, osteo­poro­sis, thin­ning and loss of hair, impaired pro­duc­tion of car­ti­lage tis­sue of the joints. Stop! Stop, time! We don’t want this! We are not ready! We did­n’t order this! What to do?

Says a pro­fes­sion­al sports nutri­tion­ist-nutri­tion­ist Iry­na Storozhenko.

To begin, take a deep breath and exhale. Life moves for­ward and there is noth­ing more beau­ti­ful. Every year the woman becomes only more beau­ti­ful.

And this is the true truth, because nature itself always takes care of us.

Proper nutrition after 40

Women after 40 should pay atten­tion to those prod­ucts that con­tain phy­toe­stro­gens, since only they can com­pen­sate for the lack of estro­gens in the body.

Why is estro­gen so impor­tant? Their role in the body of a woman is very large. For exam­ple, an insuf­fi­cient amount or absence of estro­gens can cause a num­ber of dis­or­ders in the body, name­ly, in the work of the car­dio­vas­cu­lar, repro­duc­tive, ner­vous sys­tems, and so on. It is impor­tant that a decrease in estro­gen lev­els leads to an accel­er­a­tion of bone metab­o­lism, which is man­i­fest­ed by the loss of bone sub­stance. Start­ing bone min­er­al den­si­ty and the rate of bone loss deter­mine the risk of devel­op­ing osteo­poro­sis.

Let’s take a clos­er look.


The first place is occu­pied by soy. It con­tains isoflavones, which are a nat­ur­al sub­stance of plant ori­gin, phy­toe­stro­gens, which are very sim­i­lar in struc­ture to the nat­ur­al human hor­mones — estro­gen. That is why women need to con­sume soy sauce, soy­bean oil, soy milk and tofu cheese. The use of these prod­ucts will help reduce the man­i­fes­ta­tion of many unpleas­ant symp­toms. For exam­ple, it will relieve hot flash­es and night sweats, reduce cho­les­terol lev­els and enhance cal­ci­um absorp­tion.

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The sec­ond place is occu­pied by flax. It is advis­able to accus­tom your­self to its use and add flax seeds to sal­ads, cere­als, and pas­tries. Anoth­er option is to brew the seeds and con­sume them on an emp­ty stom­ach. Flax nor­mal­izes the diges­tive tract. Flaxseed oil is also very use­ful, but only the first press­ing, since only with this tech­nol­o­gy all vit­a­mins and microele­ments are pre­served.


When menopause approach­es, osteo­poro­sis (brit­tle bones) begins to devel­op as a con­se­quence of a lack or absence of estro­gen. You can fill the lack of cal­ci­um with fer­ment­ed milk prod­ucts. Cal­ci­um is also found in sesame, almonds, pis­ta­chios. They will always har­mo­nious­ly fit into all cere­als and sal­ads. It is nec­es­sary to reduce the con­sump­tion of cof­fee, as it wash­es cal­ci­um from the body.

But cal­ci­um is very dif­fi­cult. Vit­a­min D is also need­ed for its prop­er and quick absorp­tion. There­fore, it is impor­tant to eat:

  • her­ring,
  • salmon,
  • mack­er­el,
  • egg yolks,
  • Cod liv­er,
  • less often it is found in beef and chick­en liv­er.
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Unsaturated omega‑3 and omega‑6 fats

Omega‑3 unsat­u­rat­ed fat­ty acids are the first aid for high cho­les­terol. Omega‑3 cleans­es blood ves­sels and this is reflect­ed in the fur­ther work of the car­dio­vas­cu­lar sys­tem. Omega also pro­tects the scalp and pre­vents hair loss. It is very impor­tant to remem­ber, and who was not in the know, to know that fish oil increas­es metab­o­lism by 15%, there­by also con­tribut­ing to the nor­mal­iza­tion of weight.


Per­haps this will sur­prise some­one, but after 40 you def­i­nite­ly need to con­sume pro­tein. More­over, not only veg­etable, but also ani­mal ori­gin. Your menu must include the fol­low­ing prod­ucts:

  • Veg­eta­bles — they improve intesti­nal motil­i­ty and reg­u­late diges­tion
  • Lean poul­try and fish (any) — they are eas­i­ly absorbed by the body, with­out heav­i­ness in the stom­ach, and com­plete­ly replen­ish the body with the nec­es­sary pro­teins
  • Dairy prod­ucts: milk, prefer­ably soy, low-calo­rie kefir, sour­dough, yogurt, cheeses, cot­tage cheese. These prod­ucts con­tain not only cal­ci­um, but also pro­tein.
  • Whole grains — they pro­vide the body with fiber
  • Flu­id: Pure water, water with lemon or hon­ey, weak tea, fruit or veg­etable juices — these are essen­tial for the prop­er func­tion­ing of the body.

Important nutrition rules after 40

You and your body are real­ly worth more, and for this you need to remem­ber just a few sim­ple rules:

  1. Try to cook your own food.
  2. Don’t feel sor­ry for your­self! Always choose fresh and qual­i­ty prod­ucts.
  3. Try to avoid high tem­per­a­ture food pro­cess­ing.
  4. Instead of seeds, put peeled car­rots and cel­ery stalks near the TV, try to accus­tom your­self to the best, at least grad­u­al­ly.
  5. Try not to eat din­ner 3–4 hours before bed.
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Healthy regime after 40

While we are a lit­tle over 20, we are young and slim, and we absolute­ly do not think about our health and fig­ure: “Well, okay, what’s so crim­i­nal about that? Well, I’ll think about it after the birth. But it was not there. Time is run­ning ahead of us. You look at the year on the cal­en­dar, and you are already 40.

And now you final­ly think about your­self beloved. But all issues relat­ed to your health are no longer so eas­i­ly resolved. We must begin to work on our­selves at an accel­er­at­ed pace, to replen­ish this love for our­selves. Think it’s dif­fi­cult? Not! It’s not as dif­fi­cult as you might imag­ine. It’s just worth get­ting start­ed.

We start with the fact that we begin to devote time to train­ing, at least 30 min­utes a day. It is impor­tant to accus­tom your­self to this, since phys­i­cal exer­cis­es help to dis­perse the lymph through­out the body. Also try to stick to a three-phase pow­er sup­ply after 40. Walk at least 3 km a day. Swim, dance, lis­ten to your favorite music, draw, sing, knit, embroi­der. Love your­self and the world around you. Please your­self and your loved ones with your healthy appear­ance and good mood. Pay atten­tion to how the grass grows and what an amaz­ing col­or the sky is today!

Be hap­py and pos­i­tive. You are young and beau­ti­ful!

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