How to fall asleep quickly if you don’t feel like sleeping

Can’t sleep at all? Tired of insom­nia? Can’t get rid of the thoughts swirling in your head? We know 8 ways to fall asleep quick­ly — in just one minute! Ver­i­fied by per­son­al expe­ri­ence!

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We will not dwell now on how bad sleep depri­va­tion is for health, emo­tion­al state and appear­ance — you your­self know this very well. We will not list the caus­es of insom­nia — as a rule, they are indi­vid­ual. But if there are no exter­nal stim­uli, the room is suf­fi­cient­ly ven­ti­lat­ed, the time is late, and sleep still does not go, use one of these ways to fall asleep quick­ly.

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1. Visualization

You need to turn on the imag­i­na­tion and focus on a cer­tain “pic­ture”. We are not sug­gest­ing that you count sheep — this method actu­al­ly rarely works. You can imag­ine a ball in the ocean: it sways on the waves that radi­ate from it in all direc­tions, and as far as pos­si­ble. This visu­al­iza­tion also works well — water drips into the very cen­ter of the lake, form­ing cir­cles that diverge through the water to the very shores. Your task is to present this pic­ture as clear­ly and clear­ly as pos­si­ble. Try to imag­ine also the sound of a water­fall. A healthy sound sleep after that is guar­an­teed to you!

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2. Method of special services

Don’t know how to fall asleep quick­ly if you don’t feel like sleep­ing? Try a method that is often used by intel­li­gence offi­cers. You need to lie on your back, relax, close your eyes and roll them up. Believe me, in a minute you will be sound asleep. More­over, this method helps to quick­ly fall asleep both day and night, regard­less of exter­nal fac­tors.

3. Muscle contraction

Con­sis­tent­ly con­tract the mus­cles of the limbs. Lying in bed with your eyes closed, first take a deep breath and tight­en your toes, then exhale and relax your mus­cles. Do the same con­sis­tent­ly with all mus­cle groups of the legs and arms: after the fin­gers, go to the calves, then the thighs. And then to the hands.

4. Breathing method 4–7‑8

Breath­ing prac­tice will help you fall asleep quick­ly. Breathe in through your nose for four sec­onds, then hold your breath for sev­en sec­onds and slow­ly exhale through your mouth for eight sec­onds. This will help to calm down and relax — this breath­ing exer­cise reduces the lev­el of adren­a­line and slight­ly slows down the pulse. As a result, you will not notice how you fall asleep.

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5. Reverse blink

It sounds rather strange, but it helps to fall asleep very quick­ly. Close your eyes for 10 sec­onds and then open them for one sec­ond. Repeat this exer­cise sev­er­al times, and lit­er­al­ly in one minute you will calm down, get dis­tract­ed from obses­sive thoughts and want to sleep.

6. Self-training

If you can’t fall asleep, lie on your back and stretch prop­er­ly (you should feel the mus­cles and ten­dons). Grad­u­al­ly relax the whole body, start­ing from the toes and end­ing with the crown. All this time, say to your­self which part is relaxed at the moment, and move on to the next. Imag­ine how heav­i­ness falls on you, the body becomes heav­ier and you sink into bed. If you mas­ter this work­out, you will always fall asleep eas­i­ly.

7. Acupressure

Acu­pres­sure mas­sage will help relieve ten­sion and relax before going to bed. The point locat­ed between the eye­brows is respon­si­ble for sleep. With your index fin­ger, press it for 20 sec­onds (you can make light cir­cu­lar move­ments). Repeat sev­er­al times. After that, you can go to the point, which is locat­ed between the thumb and fore­fin­ger. Mas­sage it alter­nate­ly on the left and right hand for one minute.

8. Include something in the background

If you’re used to falling asleep watch­ing TV and want to unlearn it, try falling asleep apps. They have a lot of nice sounds that you can put on a timer. For exam­ple — bird­song, the sound of rain. This is a good way to stay awake in front of a screen. Lis­ten­ing to pod­casts at night also helps a lot. You just set the play­back on a timer, throw the phone some­where near­by on the bed and close your eyes. Guar­an­teed: you will not lis­ten to the end of the pod­cast episode because you will fall asleep.

We hope that now you know how to fall asleep quick­ly if you don’t feel like sleep­ing, and you are no longer tor­ment­ed by insom­nia. Pleas­ant dreams!

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