How to quickly lose weight for the New Year. 3 effective express diets, their pros and cons

Decem­ber 03, 2020, 17:43

Who among us does not want to quick­ly lose weight for the New Year? Nutri­tion­ists warn: rapid weight loss is harm­ful! But what if you urgent­ly need to lose weight in the remain­ing weeks before the New Year? We offer 3 express diets — con­sid­er the pros and cons.

how to lose weight for the new year


Keep in mind that los­ing 10 kilo­grams in a cou­ple of weeks or even a month will still not work — at least with­out risk to health. But to tight­en the fig­ure for the New Year and fit into a dress a size small­er is quite real­is­tic.

Diet “Six petals”

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This diet is named after the num­ber of days it lasts. On each “petal” day, you can eat a cer­tain group of foods.
At first — 300–500 g of stewed or baked fish.
In the sec­ond — 1–1.5 kg of any veg­eta­bles (except pota­toes). Eat them in sal­ads, stew or steam them.
Third day: pro­tein sources on the menu. 500 g chick­en fil­let (steamed or baked) divid­ed for break­fast, lunch and din­ner.
Fourth day — cere­al. Pre­pare por­ridge from 200 g of any cere­al. Spread this amount over 3 meals.
Fifth — curd. Eat low-fat cot­tage cheese (500 g for the whole day) with­out sour cream and sug­ar.
And final­ly sixth day — fruity. 1–1.5 kg of any fruit is allowed, except for bananas and grapes.

Diet Ben­e­fits: it is quite sat­is­fy­ing, so you will not feel hun­gry. In 6 days, it’s real­ly pos­si­ble to lose weight by the New Year and lose 4–5 kg.

Kefir-buckwheat diet

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Cal­cu­lat­ed for 3 days. Get ready for the fact that the diet will be very scarce. The buck­wheat diet is based on only 2 ingre­di­ents: kefir and buck­wheat. In the evening, before going to bed, pour a glass of buck­wheat with two glass­es of boil­ing water and wrap it with a thick cloth. By the morn­ing you will get a deli­cious crumbly por­ridge (with­out salt and sug­ar!). This is your main meal for the day. For sec­ond break­fast, after­noon snack and before going to bed, drink a glass of 1% kefir. A slight indul­gence: if you feel very hun­gry, but you don’t have the strength to look at buck­wheat, you can afford an apple or grape­fruit.

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Diet Ben­e­fits: buck­wheat and kefir are very use­ful. In buck­wheat — almost half of the peri­od­ic table. And kefir helps to improve the func­tion­ing of the diges­tive tract. For 3 days of the diet, you can lose up to 3 kg.

orange diet

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Unload­ing on cit­rus lasts only 2 days. Of course, it is not easy to stretch this time on oranges alone. But you don’t need to! As an option, we offer the fol­low­ing menu: for break­fast — a hard-boiled egg, 100 g of whole­meal bread with cheese or yogurt. Plus an orange (oranges can be replaced with tan­ger­ines or oth­er cit­rus fruits). For lunch — 100 g of boiled chick­en breast and a sal­ad of 100 g of rice (with­out salt) and orange pulp. Dress sal­ad 1 tbsp. l. veg­etable oil and sprin­kle with herbs. Din­ner is a fruit sal­ad.

Diet Ben­e­fits: due to the con­tent of vit­a­min C, cit­ruses help not to get sick dur­ing the SARS sea­son. By reduc­ing calo­ries in 2 days, you can lose up to 2 kg and quick­ly lose weight by the New Year.

Cons of fast diets

A nutri­tion­ist does not rec­om­mend get­ting involved in mono-diets. For sev­er­al days of such an express marathon, what­ev­er one may say, the body will not receive impor­tant micronu­tri­ents. And this can lead to nutri­tion­al defi­cien­cies. In addi­tion, after return­ing to a nor­mal diet, weight often returns. Of the three pro­posed diets, the most bal­anced is Six Petals. But it may not be use­ful for peo­ple with gas­troin­testi­nal prob­lems. Orange diet is con­traindi­cat­ed for aller­gy suf­fer­ers. By the way, even in peo­ple who are not prone to aller­gies, an excess of cit­rus fruits can give impe­tus to the devel­op­ment of food intol­er­ance.

In any case, an express diet for the New Year is an emer­gency mea­sure that should be resort­ed to only in excep­tion­al cas­es. But the New Year is just that case! There­fore, if you real­ly need to quick­ly lose a cou­ple of kilo­grams before the hol­i­day, choose the option that suits you best and go on a diet. And write us about the results in the com­ments.

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