Prevention of tooth discoloration: the experience of model Katya Svinarchuk

Octo­ber 28, 2020, 13:44

A smile makes any per­son beau­ti­ful. But what if the teeth began to dark­en? It’s time to change the sit­u­a­tion!

how to whiten teeth at home


Ex-par­tic­i­pant of “Super Top Mod­el in Ukrain­ian” (New Chan­nel) Katya Svinar­chuk shared her life hacks.

Why teeth darken

Teeth start to dark­en not only due to improp­er hygiene, although this is the most com­mon cause. Let’s take a clos­er look:

  • Hygiene fail­ure. Brush your teeth at least twice a day for two min­utes. Oth­er­wise, you can quick­ly earn an accu­mu­la­tion of plaque, caries, tar­tar and oth­er dis­eases of the oral cav­i­ty. The first sign is dark­en­ing of the teeth.
  • Smok­ing. In heavy smok­ers, the teeth first turn yel­low, and then become almost brown (this is already notice­able by old­er age). If you smoke, tar from tobac­co smoke is deposit­ed on the enam­el and you can get rid of this only with the help of pro­fes­sion­al clean­ing.
  • “Col­ored” food and drink. Nat­ur­al or syn­thet­ic, col­ored foods can cause tooth dis­col­oration. These include berries con­tain­ing rich nat­ur­al dyes (hel­lo mul­ber­ries!), as well as hand-dyed prod­ucts. From drinks, you should beware of cof­fee and tea, red wine.
  • Caries. It’s not even dis­cussed. Teeth dark­en from caries, and here you need to urgent­ly run to the den­tist, while every­thing is still run­ning. By the way, it’s worth check­ing your teeth peri­od­i­cal­ly just like that: caries can devel­op under a fill­ing.
how to whiten teeth


  • Med­i­cines. Vital for those of us who, as chil­dren, man­aged to grow per­ma­nent teeth and then got sick with some­thing that required treat­ment with antibi­otics. A whole group of such drugs caus­es dark­en­ing or yel­low­ing of the tooth from the inside. Deal­ing with this is very dif­fi­cult.
  • Some trace ele­ments. More pre­cise­ly, there are a large num­ber of them. If, for exam­ple, there is a lot of flu­o­ride in the water, you can get endem­ic flu­o­ro­sis, which dark­ens the teeth. That is why it is bet­ter to drink water with min­er­als under the super­vi­sion of a doc­tor.
  • Improp­er den­tal treat­ment. Old fill­ing mate­ri­als, poor work­man­ship, met­al fill­ings — all this can cause teeth to dark­en.

In addi­tion, teeth can dark­en with age (this is a nat­ur­al process from which none of us is immune). With age, teeth cease to regen­er­ate quick­ly, turn yel­low and may even wear out.

And, of course, many hered­i­tary and chron­ic dis­eases can cause tooth dis­col­oration. This is also very dif­fi­cult to deal with.

How to make your teeth whiter at home: 5 life hacks

how to make teeth whiter

Katya Svy­nar­chuk

A snow-white smile is some­thing that can be achieved with­out expen­sive pro­ce­dures at the den­tist. How to make teeth whiter at home, with­out harm­ing your health, is known by the for­mer par­tic­i­pant of the New Chan­nel project “Super Top Mod­el in Ukrain­ian” Katya Svinar­chuk.

“About four years ago I had ultra­son­ic teeth whiten­ing, thanks to which my smile was snow-white. But grad­u­al­ly the teeth began to dark­en. I real­ized that rad­i­cal meth­ods are too much, and I found many ways for home whiten­ing, — said Katya Svinar­chuk. “They are no less effec­tive, but more gen­tle.”

How to make teeth whiter at home:

  1. The most impor­tant life hack is hygiene. Brush your teeth at least twice a day — in the morn­ing and before bed, using mouth­wash. Ide­al­ly, clean them after eat­ing.
  2. Drink tea/coffee/juices/sodas and sug­ary drinks through a straw. Dyes do not get on the teeth so much and do not spoil the enam­el.
  3. Use coconut char­coal pow­der to whiten your teeth. The pow­der gen­tly removes plaque and absorbs par­ti­cles of pig­ment­ed dirt formed as a result of drink­ing cof­fee.
  4. When you urgent­ly need to whiten your teeth by 1–2 tones, use a teeth whiten­ing pen­cil. 10 min­utes — and the result is on the face. Lit­er­al­ly.
  5. Chew gum after eat­ing. It sounds strange, but it is able to remove excess “garbage” and stim­u­late sali­va­tion, which neu­tral­izes the acid after eat­ing. There is less acid and “garbage” — the teeth are clean­er.

Do you have any life hacks of your own?

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