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Sep­tem­ber 17, 2020, 13:20

Is it pos­si­ble to lose weight on soups alone? Yes! The soup diet, which is based on first cours­es, is very effec­tive and fair­ly easy to tol­er­ate.

soup diet


It’s no secret that the most dif­fi­cult thing in any diet is to lim­it your­self to food and not feel hun­gry. With the soup diet, you are not in dan­ger. Its dif­fer­ence from oth­ers is that the soup diet works on the prin­ci­ple: the more you eat, the more you lose weight. Anoth­er plus of such a diet: weight is reduced quick­ly. In just a week, you can lose from 5 to 8 kilo­grams! How­ev­er, nutri­tion­ists warn: you should resort to a soup diet a max­i­mum of 3–4 times a year. One thing is for sure: the advan­tage of the soup diet is rapid weight loss, lack of hunger, cleans­ing of the body.

soup diet rules

  • It is enough to pre­pare a soup with a min­i­mum of fat in the morn­ing and eat it dur­ing the day in the same small por­tions.
  • You need to cook only from fresh veg­eta­bles.
  • You can not seize the first dish with bread.
  • Drink at least four glass­es of water a day, in addi­tion to soup.
  • It is rec­om­mend­ed to sit on a soup diet for no more than sev­en days, since the body does not receive all the nec­es­sary sub­stances with veg­eta­bles. That is why it is rec­om­mend­ed to take addi­tion­al vit­a­mins dur­ing this peri­od.
  • For the peri­od of the soup diet, exclude alco­hol, car­bon­at­ed drinks, con­fec­tionery and flour prod­ucts, fried and fat­ty foods.

Slimming Soup Recipe

It will take: 6 onions, 1 bunch cel­ery, 1 medi­um cab­bage, 1 green pep­per, 4 toma­toes. Place all veg­eta­bles in a saucepan and cov­er with water. Bring to a boil, sim­mer for 10 min­utes over high heat, and sim­mer for anoth­er 30 min­utes over low heat.

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Soup diet menu for 7 days

Such a soup (or anoth­er sim­i­lar one) dur­ing the entire diet can be con­sumed every day in unlim­it­ed quan­ti­ties, as soon as a feel­ing of hunger appears. And besides soup, you can eat oth­er foods accord­ing to a cer­tain sched­ule.

  • Day 1: you can eat fruits (except bananas), eat soup at least 3 times a day.
  • Day 2: you can eat any veg­eta­bles except legumes and peas. They need to be cooked with­out adding fat. Soup is at least 3 times a day.
  • Day 3: you can eat any veg­eta­bles and fruits (except pota­toes and bananas). Soup — 3 times a day.
  • Day 4: you need to eat 3 bananas dur­ing the day and drink a glass of skimmed milk. Soup — 3 times a day.
  • Day 5: you need to eat a piece of boiled chick­en and beef meat (300 gr.) And five toma­toes. We eat soup at least once a day.
  • Day 6: you can eat meat with green veg­eta­bles. You can’t eat pota­toes, eat soup at least once a day.
  • Day 7: you can eat brown rice and veg­eta­bles, meat and pota­toes are pro­hib­it­ed. Fruit juice is allowed. Soup at least once a day.

Breaking out of the soup diet

You should leave the soup diet grad­u­al­ly, with­out attack­ing all the “for­bid­den” foods on the first day. If every­thing is done cor­rect­ly, then you can lose weight with the help of a soup diet quite quick­ly, and the results can be saved for a long time.

Simple soup recipes for weight loss

Every day you can cook deli­cious light first cours­es, and the soup diet will help you improve your cook­ing skills and lose weight quick­ly.

Apple and carrot soup


  • 4 car­rots
  • 2 apples
  • 2 onions
  • 4 cloves of gar­lic
  • gin­ger root to taste
  • 2 tbsp. l. veg­etable oil
  • 1 l veg­etable broth
  • spices

Cook­ing: put chopped onion in a pre­heat­ed pan and sauté in veg­etable oil for 3 min­utes. Then add chopped gar­lic and chopped gin­ger root. Pass for 2 more min­utes. Put the onion, gar­lic and gin­ger into the boil­ing veg­etable broth. Let it sim­mer a lit­tle, then add the chopped car­rots. When the car­rots are soft, add chopped apples to the soup and cook for anoth­er 3–4 min­utes. Remove the pot from the heat, let the soup cool slight­ly, then puree with a blender. Pour into bowls, add pep­per and any greens.

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Soup with lentils, carrots and sweet peppers


  • 300 g lentils
  • 7 glass­es of water
  • onion
  • 3 cloves of gar­lic
  • 1 tsp ground corian­der
  • 1 tsp ground cumin
  • 1/4 tsp turmer­ic
  • 300 g of car­rots
  • 1 red bell pep­per
  • green onions (option­al)

Cook­ing: Pour the lentils into a deep fry­ing pan and cov­er with water. Bring to a boil and remove the foam. Then add fine­ly chopped onion, chopped gar­lic and spices. Cov­er with a lid and cook for 15 min­utes. Put the chopped car­rots, sweet pep­pers into the soup and cook until the veg­eta­bles are soft. Then add corian­der, zira, turmer­ic, salt and pour the soup into bowls. Fine­ly chopped green onions can be added if desired.

Pumpkin puree soup


  • 800 g pump­kin
  • 500 g toma­toes
  • bulb
  • clove of gar­lic
  • sprig of thyme, basil and rose­mary
  • 1.2 l veg­etable broth

Cook­ing: Clean the pump­kin from seeds and peel and cut into large slices. Cut the toma­toes in half, onion — into 4 parts. Bake veg­eta­bles with herbs in the oven. Grind the pre­pared veg­eta­bles with gar­lic in a blender. Pour the puree into a saucepan, add the broth and spices and bring to a boil.

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With beef and celery


  • 600 g beef (shoul­der)
  • 400 g cel­ery stalks
  • 400 g cel­ery root
  • 250 g of car­rots
  • 100 g onion
  • salt, spices, herbs

Cook­ing: Rinse the beef, cut into small pieces, cov­er with cold water, add a lit­tle salt and cook after boil­ing for 40 min­utes. Chop the onion. Cut the car­rots into cir­cles, the cel­ery stalks into slices, and the root into strips. When the meat is cooked, add car­rots, onions, cel­ery to the broth and cook until the veg­eta­bles are ready. Sea­son the soup with spices to taste. Add greens.

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