Anita Lutsenko told the truth about fitness trainers

August 11, 2020, 5:19 p.m

What to eat to lose weight? And what should you nev­er eat? What can not be eat­en at night? Every­one wants to under­stand these ques­tions.

anita lutsenko instagram

The Insta­gram account of star coach Ani­ta Lut­senko can help with this. In it, she answers ques­tions from read­ers and shows use­ful exer­cis­es.

In one of her posts, Ani­ta told why you need to seek help from a coach:

Why do you need a coach? Well, it’s like why you need a den­tist. It seems that you can pull out a tooth for your­self, but with a doc­tor it’s more reli­able that you won’t die. Or as a lawyer: it seems that you can read the con­tract your­self, but it’s more reli­able with a per­son who knows all the sub­tleties and stud­ied for this and has expe­ri­ence.

So what makes a great train­er:

  • Makes a work plan with you. Where are we going, how long will we reach, what dif­fi­cul­ties will we encounter.
  • He refers to indi­vid­ual spe­cial­ists: to a nutri­tion­ist, if he him­self did not study as a nutri­tion­ist, to a psy­chol­o­gist, if you need to work with dis­rup­tions. To the ther­a­pist, if you ask him to tell you which hor­mones to pass. The ther­a­pist lis­tens to the prob­lems and sends to the pro­file. Coach­es teach top med­i­cine dur­ing 4 years of train­ing and do not teach dietol­ogy.
  • The max­i­mum gives gen­er­al­ly under­stand­able infor­ma­tion, not based on per­son­al expe­ri­ence, but on sci­ence and world rec­om­men­da­tions.
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  • When you do exer­cis­es — 100% respon­si­ble for your tech­nique and does not give exer­cis­es or weights that you can­not per­form. Does not allow incor­rect exe­cu­tion.
  • If you are a man and you have a bel­ly like a preg­nant woman at 9 months, then he will not let you swing the press in the hang on the sim­u­la­tor, but will talk and devel­op a pro­gram for all mus­cle groups. Dis­cuss your car­dio. He will refer you to a nutri­tion­ist for a real effect or give gen­er­al infor­ma­tion about where the stom­ach is from and the gen­er­al prin­ci­ples of weight loss. About the dan­gers of the bel­ly.
  • If a train­er is next to you, you are 100% sure that he simul­ta­ne­ous­ly sees both the gen­er­al mood and strength today and the pos­ture and flex­i­bil­i­ty and how the joints work and in gen­er­al your exer­cise or you need to replace it. If you have a fat bel­ly and you want to pump it, he will explain to you why it def­i­nite­ly won’t work and you will under­stand what is impor­tant.

“In gen­er­al, a good coach will come with you to the goal as a guide and sup­port, and with­in a cer­tain time frame!”

Ani­ta con­clud­ed.

anita lutsenko instagram

Sub­scribers agreed with her, how­ev­er, not all. The com­ments iden­ti­fied the main dis­ad­van­tages of involv­ing a fit­ness train­er in the process of los­ing weight:

It’s all like that. But there are sev­er­al buts. First, a coach is expen­sive. Hryv­nia 300–350 and a week you need min 2 times. Although in gen­er­al it is bet­ter 6 times a week as in your book. Sec­ond­ly, it takes time, name­ly 2.3–3 hours to get there, change clothes, take a show­er, etc. 6 times a week 3 hours is sooo much. You have to be the wife of an oli­garch. Third, coach­es are dif­fer­ent. There are few like you.”

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