how to tighten skin after weight loss

The sixth part of the diary “Notes of a thin woman” is about the skin after a diet. Ele­na talks about how her skin has changed after los­ing weight and how she removed sag­ging skin.

tighten the skin



Causes of Concern: Loose Skin

For many, the con­di­tion of the skin after los­ing weight is of great con­cern. How frus­trat­ing­ly she sagged and what I did or plan to do with her. I told my hus­band and he replied:

“Know­ing you, I’m guess­ing you’re about to start describ­ing your­self as an ema­ci­at­ed Shar-Pei.”

In a word, he believes that in this sense I should not have cause for con­cern. But there are rea­sons. Alas.

My skin, which had been heav­i­ly oiled for about 15 years, was of course stretched. Cheeks, neck, arms, legs, back, stom­ach. As the weight came off over the course of the year, the skin began to adjust a bit.

If I were younger, then there would be less prob­lems, because young skin is full of col­la­gen, it is elas­tic and all that. But I was already 55, I had just entered menopause, so I expect­ed hor­rors and night­mares. At first, I didn’t real­ly notice the changes, but when I lost about half the weight, one day I reached out with my hand to the but­ton on the night light to turn it off and saw the inner sur­face of the hand. O! O! Here it is, it’s here.

how to tighten skin



I start­ed prepar­ing for the worst:

  • I began to think about crazy work­outs, until some­one told me that in order to stretch the skin, I need to fill with mus­cles the vol­ume that was occu­pied by fat.

I didn’t want to think about that vol­ume, no mat­ter what it was filled with. I still remem­ber all those cas­es when peo­ple give you a seat next to the dri­ver, because it is not dif­fi­cult for three peo­ple of nor­mal size to fit in the back seat, and with you in the back two oth­ers will either be cramped or they will not fit.

That vol­ume meant a return to these ter­ri­ble cloth­ing sizes, which are usu­al­ly found sep­a­rate­ly in stores under a sign like “Big Women” or some­thing more del­i­cate. Lord, how much I used to go there sad­ly and joy­less­ly, fid­dling with these large clothes, sad­ly leaf­ing through hang­ers and hang­ers, know­ing that none of this would adorn me, I just had to buy it, because you can’t wear the same thing, it’s los­es both col­or and shape.

So I imme­di­ate­ly decid­ed — the main thing for me is to remove these vol­umes, and I will fight with wrin­kles and sag­ging to the best of my abil­i­ty.

Tips: how to remove sagging skin

I even invent­ed such a com­forter for myself — Pliset­skaya and Krachkovskaya. Both won­der­ful women. Almost the same age. One has more wrin­kles, yes. In short, I chose the Pliset­skaya ver­sion for myself.

It sounds crazy, I know where I am and where Pliset­skaya is. But as a guide.

I imme­di­ate­ly dis­missed the Gurchenko option, I will nev­er lie under the knife. Let me remind you: I was already approach­ing 56 and my thoughts on this mat­ter dif­fered from the pos­si­ble thoughts of a young woman. After all, plus all this, my peers with­out excess weight were also cov­ered with wrin­kles, same age! so in their envi­ron­ment I was not unnec­es­sar­i­ly wrin­kled.

While a young, los­ing weight woman of the same age is still far from this prob­lem. I don’t know how I would per­ceive wrin­kles and sag­ging if I were 10–15-20 years younger. But I act­ed philo­soph­i­cal­ly — there are wrin­kles, I con­tin­ue to lose weight, and there will be more of them.

saggy skin


Loose skin on arms and legs

I took up weights for hands: I moved them back and forth when I watched TV shows on my com­put­er. Some­times I for­got and start­ed this busi­ness, then I caught myself and start­ed again.

For leg tone walked a lot. Maybe I would start run­ning, but then there was a prob­lem with my knee. The doc­tor said that in con­nec­tion with los­ing weight, I great­ly increased the load and my knees, which had been car­ry­ing 15 extra 40–50 kg for so many years, sim­ply could not stand it.

I will return to the issue of health and excess weight, prob­a­bly in the sequel.

And about car­ry­ing extra pounds on myself, I’ll tell you this: about two years ago, my hus­band and I were going on vaca­tion and I was pack­ing my bags and, with­out wait­ing for my hus­band, I decid­ed to weigh the suit­case myself, I, grunt­ing, lift­ed it and brought it down on the scales, it was very heavy . Scales showed 25 kg. And then I froze, pierced by a ter­ri­ble thought — I CARRIED TWO SUCH SUITCASES FOR 15 YEARS IN A ROW ON MYSELF! TWO. SUCH. SUITCASE.

There­fore, I no longer expe­ri­enced the issue of sag­ging and wor­ries about this. And I don’t feel. But I’m tak­ing action.

sagging skin


Loose skin on the face

Face — creams, lots of creams, daugh­ters gave me some kind of garbage — you smear the gel and car­ry some kind of joke the size of a bar of soap over your face in the right direc­tions, there are two met­al balls on it and they squeak when you need to stop. I don’t real­ly believe in mir­a­cles, but they gave me and I use it.

I smear on the whole body Coconut oila lot and thick, but on the face so 10 times a day.

Loose skin on the abdomen

A sad place is the stom­ach. He looks deplorable. Wrin­kled scoundrel. I don’t wear tights and nev­er have. I die in it. But I buy myself rather strong under­pants, I don’t know what else to call them, let them be strong. They are not a biki­ni, so far, they reach the navel line. Well hide the bel­ly jeans and tight pants. Well, you prob­a­bly won’t go to the beach in a two-piece swim­suit.

As we know, there are dif­fer­ent types of shapes — apples, pears and some­thing else. I was an apple. Apples have a stom­ach prob­lem. Pears have such a prob­lem much less often, there­fore, I think if a pear los­es weight, then its stom­ach will look much bet­ter than that of a thin­ner apple.

chest after weight loss

My main prob­lem was not even the stom­ach. And not breasts (it was huge and both­ered me worse, I don’t know what). By the way, she also did not real­ly stick out with such a weight of 10 kilo­grams each. So the chest behaved pre­dictably. I would not take a nude pho­to, but in a bra I am a beau­ty and a young woman.

BY THE WAYa bodice for a small (albeit droop­ing) chest is much eas­i­er to find than, God for­give me, for those my air­ships.

And grate­ful shoul­ders! Grate­ful for the fact that this wild bur­den was removed from them! And noth­ing bulges under the bodice line on the back, and above the line too. And do not cor­rect the air­ships in their cups. In the morn­ing I put my small breasts in cups and for­got about them.

sagging skin after weight loss


thighs after weight loss

My main prob­lem was the inner thighs. My thighs, thighs, were very thick.

I remem­ber how ter­ri­bly I rubbed them when walk­ing, and what dark­ened skin was on them from these con­stant rub­bing. Then I stopped wear­ing skirts and dress­es, they didn’t suit me, they made me just a huge boul­der, but most impor­tant­ly, the trousers did not allow my legs to rub.

That’s where the skin sagged thor­ough­ly. But not to the knee, of course, but, let’s say, I will nev­er go to the beach in swim­ming trunks. I wrote and thought:

“Lord, you might think that before that I was right on the beach in swim­ming trunks, I was clos­ing like a Bedouin in all sorts of pare­os, or as they are called there. Well, now I go in short shorts, busi­ness some­thing.

In a word, sum­ming up — in my elder­ly opin­ion, wrin­kles are a much less­er evil than a lot of excess weight. In terms of con­ve­nience, well-being, aes­thet­ics. We have not yet raised the top­ic of health! And there is no end there.

Suf­fice it to say that accord­ing to the results of the study of my ves­sels, it turned out that my ves­sels are 10 years old­er than me. That is, they seem to belong to a woman SEVENTY years. Impres­sive, right?

I want to apol­o­gize if in some def­i­n­i­tions I was harsh, indel­i­cate, I real­ly don’t want any­one to feel insult­ed or uncom­fort­able from my words.

I just want to point out: I WRITE EXCLUSIVELY ABOUT MYSELF AND ONLY ABOUT MYSELF. With some­one, my feel­ings may coin­cide, with some­one — no, this is nor­mal.

CONTINUATION:“Food. How much in this sound … ”

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