Strawberry diet — unloading, weight loss and detox

Sum­mer is a great oppor­tu­ni­ty to enjoy sweet berries and lose weight at the same time! On a straw­ber­ry diet, you can lose 3–4 kg in 3 days and cleanse the body.

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Principle of the strawberry diet

If you want to lose weight, but you can not give up sweets, the straw­ber­ry diet is what you need. For three unload­ing days, it is real­ly pos­si­ble to lose 3–4 kg. Straw­ber­ries have a lot of seeds, because this berry is a rich source of fiber, which improves bow­el func­tion and helps to reduce weight and cleanse the body. That is, the straw­ber­ry diet also has a detox effect. In addi­tion, com­pared to many fruits, straw­ber­ries have a much low­er glycemic index (the abil­i­ty to raise blood sug­ar). And final­ly, they con­tain many valu­able vit­a­mins, trace ele­ments and fruit acids.

Recall: after a straw­ber­ry diet, you can not imme­di­ate­ly switch to a reg­u­lar diet. Stick to a healthy lifestyle, eat right and the effect will be fixed.

strawberry diet


Who is the strawberry diet for?

The straw­ber­ry diet is suit­able for those who love this berry very much and are ready to eat it a lot and often. In oth­er cas­es, nutri­tion experts advise diver­si­fy­ing the menu with sea­son­al fruits and berries or choos­ing anoth­er way to lose weight.

Strawberry diet contraindications

Since straw­ber­ries are an aller­gen, you should be more care­ful about this style of eat­ing. Even if you have nev­er had an aller­gy to straw­ber­ries, when the first signs of a reac­tion to a berry appear, you should imme­di­ate­ly stop eat­ing it and aban­don the straw­ber­ry diet.

Also, do not get involved in the straw­ber­ry diet if:

  • You have gas­tri­tis or hyper­acid­i­ty.
  • You are preg­nant or breast­feed­ing.
  • You have urolithi­a­sis or kid­ney prob­lems, as straw­ber­ries have strong diuret­ic prop­er­ties.
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Benefits of the strawberry diet

  1. The process of los­ing weight is soft and pleas­ant, as there is no stress from a lack of sug­ar.
  2. The pleas­ant taste of straw­ber­ries is an advan­tage, because not always dietary food can be called a gourmet’s delight.
  3. Lots of vit­a­mins. Due to the sat­u­ra­tion of vit­a­min C, straw­ber­ries help to remove tox­ins from the body, and your appear­ance will imme­di­ate­ly become much bet­ter than before.
  4. Fiber — there is a lot of it in straw­ber­ries, and on a diet this prop­er­ty is extreme­ly use­ful for diges­tion.

Disadvantages of the Strawberry Diet

  1. Not suit­able for aller­gy suf­fer­ers.
  2. It is impos­si­ble for those who have prob­lems with the gas­troin­testi­nal tract.
  3. Lack of calo­ries, as a result of which weak­ness and lethar­gy can begin.
  4. You can’t stick to it for long. The straw­ber­ry diet is a mono-diet, so it should not last longer than sev­en days.
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Menu for strawberry diet

Dur­ing fast­ing days on straw­ber­ries, the num­ber of berries can be 400–500 g per day. But you need to eat them not in one sit­ting, but even­ly dis­trib­ut­ing them through­out the day. Just be sure to com­bine straw­ber­ries with oth­er prod­ucts. For exam­ple, for break­fast, eat whole grain por­ridge in water with­out sug­ar (150 g) with straw­ber­ries. Or 150 g of cot­tage cheese casse­role with berries.

For a snack, make a smooth­ie of straw­ber­ries, oat­meal or yogurt, or drink a glass of fruit drink. For lunch, you can eat a veg­etable sal­ad with cot­tage cheese, nuts, herbs and berries. For din­ner — steamed fish with stewed veg­eta­bles with berries (pump­kin, zuc­chi­ni, onions, car­rots, straw­ber­ries or black cur­rants).

Important nuances

Berries can be added to dish­es whole or chopped with a blender along with the skin and seeds. But squeez­ing juice out of them is not the best option, since in this case the most valu­able thing for weight loss and detox is lost — fiber. In addi­tion, the juice in its pure form irri­tates the gas­tric mucosa.

Keep in mind: raw berries may be con­traindi­cat­ed in exac­er­ba­tions of dis­eases of the gas­troin­testi­nal tract, liv­er and pan­creas, as well as with increased acid­i­ty of the stom­ach. In these cas­es, before going on a straw­ber­ry diet, you need to con­sult a doc­tor.

Bon appetit, los­ing extra pounds and have a deli­cious sum­mer!

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