Stress and overeating: notes of a thinner

August 14, 2020, 4:58 p.m

About the impor­tance of food, about how it paci­fies and what then comes of it — read in the new issue of “Notes of a Lost Woman”, the diary of our read­er, in which she talks about her suc­cess­ful expe­ri­ence of los­ing weight.

stress jam



The role of food in our life

I read some­where that the role of com­mem­o­ra­tion and food on the memo­r­i­al table is great:

  • food makes the stom­ach work,
  • stom­ach draws blood
  • the per­son gets bet­ter.

The baby some­times cries, but not from hunger, he wants to cling to his moth­er’s breast or bot­tle, because food calms. She is soothes the uncon­scious, comes out. And on the con­scious!

Who among us is not famil­iar with the sit­u­a­tion when, after a day full of stress and trou­ble, we begin to absorb food in insane amounts? We fin­ish one more cut­let, we take anoth­er sand­wich. And the truth is get­ting eas­i­er. It becomes, what is already there …

stress and overeating

But there is a whole peri­od full of stress and prob­lems:

  • Rel­a­tives are seri­ous­ly ill for a long time.
  • The boss is bul­lied at work.
  • Mar­ried life cracks, and things go to divorce.
  • The car is bro­ken in a col­li­sion and big expens­es are com­ing.
  • Long-term mon­ey prob­lems.
  • Job loss and long search for a new one.
  • And then there are some oth­er dif­fi­cul­ties with the child — they com­plain at school, they don’t want to study, they don’t want to talk about it.
stress and food


Where to get strength? How to sur­vive and not go crazy? How not to throw your fists at your hus­band? To the boss? A rude sales­woman? How not to jump off the bal­cony at all?

We find a way FOOD! She is a great com­forter. Deli­cious and not so good. Sat­is­fies hunger and fills an already full stom­ach. Who will think in such a sit­u­a­tion about the tum­my, about the rollers on the sides, about the plump thighs and the sec­ond chin? Vir­tu­al­ly no one.

Stress jamming

Dur­ing a ses­sion at the insti­tute, I always recov­ered by 4 kilos. I always liked to eat, but my metab­o­lism was young, I moved a lot, some­how I man­aged to return the weight to nor­mal.

From nerves with all this prepa­ra­tion for exams, I ate with­out clos­ing my mouth for a minute. Mom boiled pota­toes, fried cut­lets. I man­aged to devour it all before din­ner. Din­ner need­ed new food. Sausages? Excel­lent! Dumplings? Won­der­ful! Sand­wich­es? Won­der­ful! Rusks with raisins in sug­ar sprin­kles? Rye bread? Jam tea? Bread and but­ter sprin­kled with gran­u­lat­ed sug­ar? Yeah, yeah, come on, I want, yes, I will, but how. And you know, it helped.

How many times in life food saved, pre­served, sup­port­ed, com­fort­ed. So it seemed to me. What would I, now, say to myself, then? In fact, a lit­tle.

food and stress


As they say: sow a habit, reap a char­ac­ter.

Could I think that with this won­der­ful appetite and habit of eat­ing prob­lems, I form the char­ac­ter of a glut­ton. I would say to myself

“Ale­na, you are on a very dan­ger­ous path. Go, Ale­na, and try to find anoth­er fuck­ing way to cope with life.

Have I ever tried to try to relieve stress with some­thing else? Walk­ing in the evening? A bath­tub full of foam, with can­dles around the perime­ter? Go out in stress on the street in the evening and jump in a seclud­ed cor­ner with a skip­ping rope?

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