Test: what habit do you need

April 27, 2020, 17:00

Prop­er self-care is the foun­da­tion of health and beau­ty. What non-obvi­ous beau­ty habits do you sim­ply need? Take our quiz and find out!

beauty test


Take the test, and then find out how your new beau­ty habit will help:

Healthy beauty habits

So, why is the habit you got on the test use­ful? How will it affect your beau­ty and health?

Legs above head

When you lie on the couch for a long time, just put your feet up on the wall and lie down for a bit. From this sim­ple action, your body ben­e­fits: the pre­ven­tion of vari­cose veins. In this posi­tion, the veins in the low­er extrem­i­ties rest, which has a pos­i­tive effect on sen­sa­tions.

By the way, this posi­tion helps those who suf­fer from fre­quent headaches.

beauty test


Lie on your back while making a mask

Experts rec­om­mend: when doing a mask — lie down and relax. This is nec­es­sary in order not to smear the mass on your hair and clothes, but in gen­er­al, the fran­tic mod­ern rhythm some­times requires you to freeze and calm down.

Speak­ing of slow­ing down, we have some good stuff:

SPF filter in cosmetics

Solar radi­a­tion does not dis­ap­pear when sum­mer ends, but con­tin­ues to affect the skin at any time of the year. If you use cos­met­ics with an SPF fil­ter, your skin will age more slow­ly and become health­i­er.

By the way, do not be shy to wear sun­glass­es on clear days — you also need to pro­tect your eyes.

Neck care

The skin on the neck is very del­i­cate and vul­ner­a­ble. If you do not take care of it as it should, “rings of Venus” will appear — wrin­kles on the neck. Usu­al­ly they appear in those who read lying down, rarely mois­tur­izes and nour­ish­es this area.

Drink more water

No body has ever liked dehy­dra­tion. In quar­an­tine, you are sit­ting at home, so you can drink water often. But when you go to work, you will have to car­ry some water in a reusable bot­tle with you.

And yes. Tea, cof­fee, cap­puc­ci­no and even that deli­cious lat­te with whipped cream froth are not water.

tight ponytail

Have you noticed that when you walk with a tight pony­tail for a long time, your head starts to hurt, and your hair sags life­less­ly? Hair­dressers do not advise wear­ing tight elas­tic bands, as they thin the hair and dam­age its struc­ture.

If you like to tie pony­tails, use elas­tic bands for this pur­pose.

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30 minutes of charging per day

There’s not even any­thing to talk about. An active lifestyle and reg­u­lar warm-ups allow you to stay alert and healthy. Also, it helps to lose weight.

Half an hour a day is the opti­mal time.

Dental floss and mouthwash

Teeth should be brushed twice a day — morn­ing and evening. But dur­ing the day it is advis­able to use den­tal floss and rinse aid. Espe­cial­ly after a meal. This will reduce the amount of plaque, and also will be an excel­lent pre­ven­tion of caries.

Don’t touch your face

Quite a lot of path­o­gen­ic bac­te­ria and microor­gan­isms “live” on our palms, so cos­me­tol­o­gists rec­om­mend not to touch your face with unwashed hands. Espe­cial­ly if you’re prone to break­outs.

Don’t put your phone on your face

A smart­phone often comes into con­tact with our hands; a whole coun­try of all kinds of bac­te­ria lives on it, which have noth­ing to do on the face. Don’t for­get to wipe your phone screen and lap­top key­board with antibac­te­r­i­al wipes.

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