The most useless products: TOP 10

We believe that hon­ey should not be heat­ed, oth­er­wise it begins to release tox­ins, and we believe that lemon and gin­ger can imme­di­ate­ly boost immu­ni­ty dur­ing the cold sea­son. And yet — we believe in favor of many use­less prod­ucts. What kind?

useless products


Even all the sup­pos­ed­ly healthy veg­eta­bles and fruits that have healthy car­bo­hy­drates lose their ben­e­fits when cooked, no mat­ter how they are cooked. What can be said about oat­meal or yeast-free bread?

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In fact, sweet oat­meal with nuts, dried fruits, baked with hon­ey or sug­ar is quite tasty. But it is com­plete­ly use­less, espe­cial­ly if you are try­ing to lose weight with gra­nola. All these pre­fix­es “fit­ness”, “ben­e­fit” and “health”, “weight loss” and “slim” are just a trick to get more peo­ple to buy the prod­uct. Nobody for­bids eat­ing gra­nola, it is ter­ri­bly tasty, but you should not be mis­tak­en about it.

Tip: make gra­nola at home with hon­ey and proven dried fruits and nuts. It is much tasti­er than store-bought, and much cheap­er.

White and milk chocolate

Doc­tors believe that dark choco­late is the most use­ful, and the dark­er the bet­ter. But white and milky are just two more ways to exquis­ite­ly goose­bumps. The fact is that they do not con­tain much cocoa, which gives choco­late its ben­e­fits.

Granola bars

Use­ful only if you have pre­pared them at home, as is the case with gra­nola. Such bars usu­al­ly con­tain not hon­ey for “glu­ing” ele­ments, but sug­ar and not the high­est qual­i­ty nuts and dried fruits.

Such bars do not have ben­e­fits for the fig­ure, but they are tasty, so you can indulge in them if you want.

the most useless products


skim oil

Spreads and all sorts of “light” oils con­tain few­er calo­ries, but they have enough trans fats for which your body and in par­tic­u­lar the heart will not say thank you. If you like high cho­les­terol — bon appetit, but you can’t lose weight with the help of “light” but­ter.

Glazed curds

Cot­tage cheese inside does not solve any­thing, girl­friend. If you think that store-bought iced cheese is a good dessert, you bet­ter change your mind: glazed curds con­tain a lot of sug­ar and fat, and there is zero ben­e­fit.


No mat­ter how nat­ur­al yogurt is, if it con­tains at least some fla­vor­ing addi­tives, and the shelf life is more than five days, it is use­less. Best of all — yogurts that live up to five days with­out sug­ar or addi­tives.



“Quick” oatmeal

Instant oat­meal is just a use­less cere­al that con­tains fast car­bo­hy­drates. It’s sim­ple: because such por­ridge is steamed, and addi­tion­al sug­ar is added to it.

Brown sugar

Based on the calo­rie con­tent, this sug­ar is exact­ly as unhealthy as white sug­ar. In addi­tion, quite often brown sug­ar from the store is col­ored white sug­ar. It is bet­ter to exclude it from the diet alto­geth­er.

Yeast-free bread

Yeast is con­sid­ered harm­ful, and all adher­ents of a healthy diet have declared an anath­e­ma to yeast bread. But in fact, dur­ing bak­ing, high tem­per­a­tures kill yeast, so there is no dif­fer­ence: bread with or with­out yeast.

store juices

Store-bought juices should nev­er be bought if you want to lose weight and become health­i­er. It is bet­ter to eat fresh fruits or make home­made smooth­ies from them.

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