“Tips on how to lose weight”

The fourth part of Ele­na’s sto­ry, which keeps a diary “Notes of a woman who has lost weight” and talks about how she lost weight.

how to lose weight



Revelations after the diet

There was also a dis­cov­ery.

Turns out I don’t have as wide bones as I thought, oops. That is, I am not asthenic, but by no means large-boned, as it turned out.

I opened my sharp knees. What hap­pi­ness it was to see them when you sit, scratch your shoul­der or smear it with cream and think: “How frag­ile it is.” To look at nar­row feet and not under­stand where the webbed duck legs have gone, to see frag­ile hands and thin wrists, thin fin­gers.

“And where are those sausages that were in their place? Where is the neck folds? Where did this thin one come from, whose is it, m?

Before post­ing the recipes, I will dis­cuss the fol­low­ing.

how to lose weight fast


The Miracle Diet is…

Quite a few peo­ple who knew me, see­ing how I had changed, asked me with pas­sion about my “mir­a­cle diet”, I received Skype calls from friends from Yere­van, Cana­da, Ger­many and Moscow.

I was asked by doc­tors and nurs­es I know (I vis­it many hos­pi­tals, clin­ics and doc­tors’ offices for work), employ­ees, friends of my daugh­ters, acquain­tances of my girl­friends and friends, rel­a­tives of friends.

Many took a pen and wrote down the main thing, I wrote a whole text to many and sent it, then I sat down and wrote the text, which I already copied and sent. Some­times I would jump into the weight loss thread on FB and men­tion tons lost and peo­ple would ask for my diet. Usu­al­ly I sent it in a per­son­al, some­times through the mail, some­times I post­ed it direct­ly in the post as a com­ment.

I offered to ask me ques­tions.

And when ques­tions came, I answered in detail and even con­sult­ed via Skype. I real­ly want­ed to help peo­ple, I real­ly want­ed to con­vince them that it was pos­si­ble. I real­ly want­ed to share hap­pi­ness — not in the sense of boast­ing, but in the sense of involv­ing peo­ple, rel­a­tives or just acquain­tances, or com­plete­ly unfa­mil­iar ones, in this hap­pi­ness of vic­to­ry, to help them achieve this hap­pi­ness.


Successes and failures of others

But, you know, I can list on my fin­gers which of this mass of peo­ple have achieved suc­cess.

Our close friend, he need­ed to lose 25 kg, he lost them. True, hav­ing adjust­ed the diet a lit­tle for him­self — he drank cock­tails, stirred skim milk with bran, took dietary sup­ple­ments.

It’s slow­ly get­ting bet­ter now, alas.

Insti­tute friend, lives in Cana­da. I start­ed the diet about a year lat­er than me. Broke down many times. I found some weight loss com­pa­ny, they made a diet sim­i­lar to mine, gave injec­tions and gave pills. It cost a lot. I told her:

“You won’t learn how to watch your own nutri­tion like that, as soon as you fin­ish the course, you will get bet­ter. You can’t sit on injec­tions all your life.”

Alas, that is what hap­pened. The weight goes back.

Anoth­er friend is here, a nurse. I went on a diet with my hus­band. Last­ed about 2 months. She said:

“My hus­band said that he could not live with­out bread, and I thought that I could not live with­out sweets, but both could!”

They both admit­ted that the diet was easy, that she was not at all hun­gry. LOST 7–8 KG! They both need­ed to lose more. How­ev­er, for some rea­son, both broke loose, and gained every­thing they had lost.

Anoth­er cute Kaza­kh woman from Almaty, last­ed half a year! Lost half of what I want­ed, sent thanks and pho­tos. Then silence, slug­gish occa­sion­al mes­sages that she had gone off the diet, that she was about to start again. Appar­ent­ly it has­n’t start­ed. Gone.

It makes me sad to write about quite close peo­ple who stopped com­mu­ni­cat­ing after our few con­ver­sa­tions about diet. One friend nev­er even tagged any of my posts, where I, in an updat­ed form, am present in the pho­to of our var­i­ous fam­i­ly events.

I can’t blame any­one. I myself have strayed from dif­fer­ent diets many times. I will write about this in con­clu­sion.

In the next part of Notes of a Lost Woman, you will learn about diet recipes from Ele­na. What is the secret of her diet? Wait for tomor­row!

NEXT PART: And now for the recipes

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