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Only the lucky ones did not encounter acne. Many put years of time and thou­sands of hryv­nias of funds to fight them, and many still stub­born­ly deal with this prob­lem even in adult­hood.



Of course, pim­ples are nor­mal, and many doc­tors talk about it. The appear­ance of acne is not a rea­son to sit at home and be sad, but rather a sig­nal from the body that some­thing has gone wrong. Here are a few rea­sons why acne may appear.

Before critical days

In the last phase of the men­stru­al cycle, the lev­el of steroid hor­mones increas­es, which increase the pro­duc­tion of sebum and change its com­po­si­tion: they make it dense and vis­cous. This leads to clogged pores and micro-inflam­ma­tion.

Vitamin A deficiency

It is a fat-sol­u­ble vit­a­min found in large quan­ti­ties in liv­er, but­ter, and egg yolks. When you once again think about a diet, think: is it worth sac­ri­fic­ing the beau­ty of your skin by switch­ing to low-fat foods?

Wrong treatment

Under no cir­cum­stances should acne be treat­ed with antibi­otics and retinoids. Antibi­ot­ic resis­tance has long been proven, and the appoint­ment of retinoids has many pit­falls. You also need to be care­ful with cos­met­ics.

Oily skin is con­traindi­cat­ed in alco­hol, which is usu­al­ly found in ton­ics and tinc­tures, sil­i­cone, poly­mers con­tained in facial cleansers and creams, and clay that dehy­drates the face. Beware of fat­ty oils in cos­met­ics and oil-in-water for­mu­las of creams: the skin does not like heavy for­mu­la­tions.



after sun

There is an opin­ion that ultra­vi­o­let is use­ful for prob­lem skin, as it dries out acne. There­fore, many own­ers of acne are also devot­ed fans of the solar­i­um.

How­ev­er, high dos­es of UV rays cause the oppo­site effect: they weak­en the immune sys­tem, which in turn increas­es the pro­duc­tion of sebum and thick­ens the top lay­er of the skin. As a result, seba­ceous plugs are formed that are not sub­ject to ordi­nary scrubs and peels.

Improper cleansing

If your facial cleanser does­n’t suit your skin type, there could be prob­lems. So, for exam­ple, for oily skin and prob­lem­at­ic sim­ple cleans­ing foam is not enough, but nor­mal and com­bi­na­tion skin will not be hap­py with aggres­sive prod­ucts. In the first case, the skin is not suf­fi­cient­ly cleansed of fat, and in the sec­ond case, it pro­duces excess.

Touching your face

We touch our face very often, and this is, in prin­ci­ple, nor­mal. It is worth restrain­ing your­self only if the skin is prone to prob­lems, and also do it with clean hands. If some­thing itch­es, spray your hands with an anti­sep­tic, and only then climb them to your face.

Do not clean your smartphone and keyboard

The smart­phone and key­board of your favorite lap­top are quite dirty items, so we advise you to wipe them down with antibac­te­r­i­al wipes every day. And also — get into the habit of answer­ing calls through the head­set, and not putting the smart­phone to your face.

cause of acne


Drying your face with a towel

If you have prob­lem skin, do not wipe it with a tow­el after wash­ing, but with dis­pos­able kitchen tow­els or nap­kins. Extra clean­li­ness! You will love the result.

Don’t wash your brushes

Make­up brush­es need to be washed fre­quent­ly or they become a breed­ing ground for bac­te­ria. It is best to do this with plain liq­uid soap after each use.

Don’t take off your makeup

Don’t go to bed with make­up on, try to always wash off make­up with a good hydrophilic oil. If you use micel­lar water, do not for­get to wash your face after it. Cos­met­ics can make you beau­ti­ful, or they can ruin your face.

And acne can also appear due to hor­mon­al dis­rup­tions, lac­tose intol­er­ance, or what­ev­er. If they both­er you, go to the doc­tor for sure!

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