Yoga as a ritual to start the day and anti-stress therapy

April 21, 2020, 10:29

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Every day we pub­lish infor­ma­tion and exer­cis­es from our star train­ers, experts. At the end of the week we are wait­ing for your feed­back on our page. on Face­book. And then … then we will give away cool prizes:

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Read to the end, there you will find a dai­ly meal plan and a good habit. Don’t for­get to keep your­self timetable to book­marks!

You already have sev­er­al exer­cise options to choose from: morn­ing exer­cis­es or surya namaskar with Ani­ta or yoga as a rit­u­al to start the day and anti-stress ther­a­py with Yulia Bog­dan.

Tips from Julia Bogdan

Today you will learn about how yoga can become a real anti-stress if you include it in the rit­u­al of start­ing the day. Julia Bog­dan, cer­ti­fied fit­ness train­er, mas­ter of sports in rhyth­mic gym­nas­tics, Pilates and recre­ation spe­cial­ist, cer­ti­fied yoga instruc­tor (PIYF Rishikesh, India), per­son­al train­er of stars, as well as co-author and train­er of the project

The benefits of yoga

After return­ing from an ashram in India, where I took a yoga teacher course, 2 years have passed, and now every morn­ing I start not with cof­fee, but with ben­e­fi­cial prac­tices for my body and mind.

My hus­band also works with me, although at first he refused and resist­ed. Not because I did­n’t like it, but rather my mind resist­ed some­thing new. But soon began to notice changes in the body and health.

After morn­ing yoga, there is more com­po­sure, con­cen­tra­tion and readi­ness for the upcom­ing day. The body is gain­ing ener­gy, the mind comes to a state of clar­i­ty, there is more con­fi­dence, faith in your­self and your strengths. Yoga devel­ops resis­tance to stress, we stopped get­ting sick and began to feel our body more sub­tly.

Secrets of morning rituals from Julia Bogdan

  • Imme­di­ate­ly after wak­ing up, a glass of warm water. Warm water stim­u­lates the intestines and gen­tly affects the ner­vous sys­tem.
  • Warm-up — artic­u­lar gym­nas­tics. It is impor­tant to stretch all joints after sleep, turn on all sys­tems.
  • Com­plex yogi “surya namaskar”.

From San­skrit, it trans­lates as “salu­ta­tion of the sun.” But this is not only about the sun on the street, but more about wel­com­ing our inner sun, the active ener­gy that we need for actions dur­ing the day. It is impor­tant to do this com­plex slow­ly, con­scious­ly, breathe deeply. In each posi­tion, you need to feel your whole body from the tips of your fin­gers and toes to the top of your head. Per­form 1–3 cir­cles.

  • After suriya, be sure to lie down in the shavasana posi­tion (dead man’s pose) for 5–10 min­utes.

It is also called the prac­tice of relax­ation, since in this posi­tion it is impor­tant to relax the whole body and even the brain as much as pos­si­ble. Free deep breath­ing and feel­ing your body from the inside. This exer­cise allows the brain to record new sen­sa­tions in the body after active yoga posi­tions, and to bal­ance the ner­vous sys­tem.

Yoga class­es teach not only to strain the mus­cles and body, but also to relax. Because in life, stress, work very often over­load our ner­vous sys­tem and we are not always able to let go of these ten­sions and ful­ly relax.

  • After shavasana — show­er and break­fast.

By prac­tic­ing yoga in the morn­ing, you turn on a deep health con­trol mech­a­nism, gen­tly awak­en all body sys­tems and tune in to the day not only phys­i­cal­ly, but also psy­cho­log­i­cal­ly.

Meal plan today

Prop­er nutri­tion and healthy eat­ing is an impor­tant com­po­nent of an ide­al fig­ure. Here is your meal plan for today:

  • Break­fast: eggs (2 pcs) + whole grain bread (50–80 g) + veg­eta­bles (150 g)
  • Snack: berries and fruits (250 g) + yogurt 2.5% (glass, 200 g) + nuts (10 g)
  • Din­ner: meat or liv­er (100 g) + pas­ta (150 g) + veg­eta­bles (150–200 g)
  • Din­ner: buck­wheat (70–100 g) + veg­eta­bles (200–250 g)

Your new good habit

Don’t eat at night! Din­ner no lat­er than 20:00.

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