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16 Sep­tem­ber 2019, 15:22

There are a lot of rea­sons for gain­ing excess weight, as well as ways to lose it. Some diets include herbal prepa­ra­tions. Is milk this­tle good for weight loss, or is it a bad job? We will tell in our new arti­cle.

Milk thistle for weight loss

Milk this­tle or this­tle is a plant that has been used in folk med­i­cine for a long time and for all sorts of pur­pos­es. Can it be used for weight loss? Nutri­tion­ists say yes! But here there is one “but”.

Milk thistle for weight loss: useful properties

Milk this­tle not only reduces appetite, but also improves diges­tion and nor­mal­izes metab­o­lism, which makes it an indis­pens­able assis­tant in los­ing weight, because all this accel­er­ates the process of weight loss in a nat­ur­al and “nor­mal” way. But as an inde­pen­dent tool — this is a filk­in’s let­ter, so you know.

The effect of milk thistle on the body:

  • cleans­es the body of tox­ins;
  • nor­mal­izes fat and pro­tein metab­o­lism;
  • speeds up metab­o­lism;
  • improves thy­roid func­tion;
  • sta­bi­lizes the work of the gas­troin­testi­nal tract;
  • sup­press­es appetite.

Milk this­tle, hav­ing antiox­i­dant prop­er­ties, improves skin con­di­tion, so it does not sag in the process of los­ing weight, which is very good.

milk thistle for weight loss

How to take milk thistle for weight loss:

  • Milk this­tle for weight loss is used in dif­fer­ent forms: oil, pow­der or meal. The dai­ly intake of such prod­ucts is 2–3 tea­spoons, no more.
  • Milk this­tle diet pills are tak­en as direct­ed: 1 cap­sule per day, half an hour before meals or one and a half after.
  • Tea with milk this­tle for weight loss is drunk 3–4 times a day, in between meals.

But, as you can under­stand, milk this­tle is always just an addi­tion­al tool for effec­tive weight loss.

Who should not drink milk thistle for weight loss

Although milk this­tle is not poi­so­nous, it can still cause harm. But only in two cas­es: if you took it in excess of the norm, if you have con­traindi­ca­tions.


  • preg­nan­cy and breast­feed­ing;
  • oncol­o­gy;
  • urolithi­a­sis dis­ease;
  • pan­cre­ati­tis, chole­cys­ti­tis, cholan­gi­tis;
  • dis­eases of the uri­nary sys­tem;
  • asth­ma;
  • epilep­sy.

Milk thistle diets

Milk this­tle meal, pow­der or oil is includ­ed in the weight loss diet, but this rem­e­dy will not be effec­tive with every­one.

Milk this­tle works well with a veg­e­tar­i­an diet: it removes tox­ins from the body, helps digest cer­tain foods bet­ter, and kick­starts metab­o­lism. On such a diet, you can lose weight pret­ty quick­ly and even get health­i­er, because meat is quite heavy for the body.

A sal­ad diet will also allow you to quick­ly get rid of excess weight. It is allowed to put only cucum­bers, cab­bage, car­rots, egg­plants or bell pep­pers in sal­ads, once a day you can afford an egg. You need to fill food with milk this­tle oil. And weight loss and deli­cious­ness.

The kefir diet is per­fect­ly com­ple­ment­ed by milk this­tle seed flour. Just add two tea­spoons of this flour to kefir and drink it.

milk thistle diet pills

Reviews of those who have lost weight

“In the first week of tak­ing the drug, the result delight­ed me! YES minus 1200 (WOW!) grams was miss­ing from my scale since the last weigh-in a week ear­li­er. The stool became reg­u­lar, caus­ing absolute­ly no dis­com­fort, the skin became clean­er, the mood was bet­ter, and the strength seemed to have increased. The next 4 weeks com­bined with the Dukan diet were sim­i­lar in terms of weight loss 1 ‑1100g 2.1000g 3.1200g 4.1000g. After a break­down, every­thing that was not nailed into my mouth got into my mouth, after a break­down I take a tea­spoon every day. Of the lost 14 kg, 2 kg returned imme­di­ate­ly, I think that this is liq­uid, and that’s all. And giv­en that after any diet, if you do not adhere to prop­er nutri­tion, the weight goes up steadi­ly, I think that this is just an amaz­ing result, which I sim­ply have to share, ”

- a user with the nick­name sbuz­mako­va writes on the forum.

To drink or not to drink milk this­tle for weight loss is only your desire and a ques­tion of con­traindi­ca­tions. But remem­ber: this is just an addi­tion­al tool, and the rest of the work is done by prop­er nutri­tion and your work!

For addi­tion­al moti­va­tion, we rec­om­mend com­ing up with a reward for your­self. For exam­ple, buy a dress a size small­er and lose weight so that it fits. Not only a new weight, but also a new thing that will def­i­nite­ly please you!

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