Seven things that affect a woman’s beauty

Sep­tem­ber 18, 2019, 12:44

Many peo­ple still believe that a wom­an’s beau­ty is influ­enced by styl­ish cloth­ing or plas­tic surgery. Many tend to believe that if you are not lucky enough to win the genet­ic lot­tery, then noth­ing can be done.

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Do you still believe in this non­sense? Then read our arti­cle about what affects female beau­ty.

Stress and lack of sleep

The main ene­my of female beau­ty is the lack of nor­mal sleep and con­stant stress. This is sub­ject to every­one who has ever left home in a big and crazy world. From stress and poor sleep, your face fades, bags under your eyes and con­stant fatigue appear, and your beau­ty also suf­fers from this.

Unhealthy release of emotions

We all deal with neg­a­tive emo­tions, but not every­one can give them a healthy out­let. Sup­pressed anger and resent­ment do not col­or any­one. From them you can get a ner­vous break­down, sleep prob­lems and con­stant stress. If you have griev­ances and some kind of neg­a­tiv­i­ty that you have to muf­fle and crush, you need to work it out with a psy­chol­o­gist or put the neg­a­tive into cre­ativ­i­ty: write a sto­ry, draw a pic­ture, or cook a good­ie accord­ing to a new recipe.


Bad habits

Fre­quent and inde­fati­ga­ble alco­hol con­sump­tion, smok­ing, a seden­tary lifestyle — all these bad habits have the worst effect on beau­ty. Espe­cial­ly on the beau­ty of a woman. Dull skin col­or, teeth and lung prob­lems, obe­si­ty, liv­er prob­lems that cause skin prob­lems.

No time for myself

You can have a huge amount of cos­met­ics, a bunch of care prod­ucts and all sorts of masks, but they will all gath­er dust on the shelf if you don’t use them. Beau­ty takes time, so set aside at least an hour a day for your­self. At this time, no one should both­er you, you should not think about work, fam­i­ly, house­hold chores. Let your fam­i­ly know what you want and will do your own thing, and put the rest aside for lat­er. An hour a day is not much, but the ben­e­fits are huge.

Improper nutrition

It is not nec­es­sary to observe the per­fect diet, plan the menu and both­er. Mal­nu­tri­tion begins when you for­get to have din­ner, do not have time to have break­fast, and in the evening, instead of cook­ing some­thing at home, you order piz­za and beer, or soda and a burg­er, and then eat it all with bread­ed chick­en wings. If you don’t eat right, you’ll get a bel­ly and sag­ging sides for a sweet soul.

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Slight­ly peel­ing var­nish, bad make­up or, for exam­ple, crum­pled clothes, do not add care­less­ness to you, but on the con­trary, they spoil your appear­ance and destroy your image. You don’t need to do con­tour­ing, like Kim Kar­dashi­an, you just need to put on beau­ti­ful make­up with what you know how to paint, mon­i­tor the con­di­tion of the man­i­cure and iron the shirt in the morn­ing.

Poorly assembled wardrobe

Even if you have the most trendy things, the bright­est and coolest dress­es and blous­es, it may turn out that you will always be dressed like a city crazy. Why? It’s about the inabil­i­ty to com­bine trends. There is no need to chase fash­ion if you do not under­stand it and do not know how to com­bine clothes with each oth­er. Fill your wardrobe with most­ly basic pieces that go well with each oth­er, and only then, as nuances, add trendy items to it.

Always stay beau­ti­ful and styl­ish!

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