Successful as a dad! 5 tips from a famous presenter on how to raise a son

Novem­ber 15, 2019, 11:34

The son of the lead­ing chan­nel “Ukraine” Max­im Siko­ra — Ros­tislav will take part in the Cham­pi­onship of Ukraine in karate, which will be held on Novem­ber 16 in the cap­i­tal.

The guy has many achieve­ments on his account, and in his col­lec­tion there are even inter­na­tion­al awards for prizes with Shotokan karate.

Now Ros­tislav is active­ly prepar­ing and spend­ing many hours in the gym. At the com­pe­ti­tions, he will rep­re­sent the Kyiv sports club “Saint-Bin”.

“Star Dad” shared use­ful tips on how to raise a child as a win­ner.

Ros­tik is a very tact­ful and sen­su­al child. Many friends and acquain­tances at first won­dered how we even came up with the idea to send him to the mar­tial arts sports sec­tion. But we are respon­si­ble par­ents: at first we asked what karate is and what it is eat­en with. This is not a pop­corn look from the action movies of the 90s with Michael Dudikoff. Every­thing is much hap­pi­er. The basis of the phi­los­o­phy of karate is not to harm the weak. In gen­er­al, this is what a grow­ing body and brain need.

Rostik Sikora

Now, when Ros­tik is 14, and he has been with the club for almost eight years, I am aware that then we did absolute­ly the right thing. Sport gave and gives him an under­stand­ing of many com­plex things. Plus inde­pen­dence. It is very impor­tant. I know moms and dads who lit­er­al­ly fol­low their chil­dren on their heels. In my opin­ion, such obses­sive guardian­ship does not lead to any­thing good, but only nur­tures a lit­tle ego­ist.

About responsibility

I look at the con­cept of demand­ing broad­ly. After all, not demand­ing any­thing means not being inter­est­ed in your child. I demand from my son to be suc­cess­ful where he does it best. For exam­ple, now in the class Ros is one of the excel­lent stu­dents in Eng­lish. He was even invit­ed to the Olympics. Won­der­ful! The more such suc­cess­es, the stronger the char­ac­ter.

On the oth­er hand, every per­son from child­hood must accus­tom him­self to duties. If, by virtue of love, you can­not come up with any­thing for your baby, he must come up with them for him­self. The eas­i­est way is to invite the child to cre­ate his ide­al dai­ly rou­tine. And then edit it togeth­er. It’s like a game of “try to meet your own require­ments.” It won’t work today, it will work tomor­row.

About freedom and restrictions

Chil­dren should not be under pres­sure. They should not be afraid that they will be pun­ished for break­ing an expen­sive toy. It is bet­ter to con­vince the child that this toy does not break at all. And if Ros has already “stuck into his­to­ry”, then I explain that he most like­ly vio­lat­ed the bal­ance of inter­ests and, by his act or behav­ior, put oth­er peo­ple in an awk­ward posi­tion. And this should not be repeat­ed in the future. After all, life is like a boomerang.

And I also think that it is not fair and unnec­es­sary to demand from a child to be like you. For exam­ple, I love foot­ball and biathlon. He still some­how copes with biathlon, but he con­sid­ers foot­ball to be an absolute­ly prim­i­tive game. And I don’t judge. For exam­ple, I have nev­er been fond of karate, and my child is very promis­ing in this sport. The dif­fer­ence is not a prob­lem. I just want him to know (and he knows, by the way) that we love and sup­port him. And if Ros­tik has tal­ents that we don’t know about yet, then we, of course, will pay atten­tion to them. That’s why we are par­ents.

About roles in the family

We have par­i­ty. We help each oth­er and stand up for each oth­er. For exam­ple, last sum­mer I rolled up 10 cans of toma­toes togeth­er with Ros. You know, spend­ing time at home is not hard labor. This is an oppor­tu­ni­ty to be and do some­thing togeth­er. Ros sees all this and adopts this mod­el of inter­ac­tion.

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