Diet 6 petals — say goodbye to excess weight

I tried a lot of diets, but the extra pounds are still in the same place? Try the Six Petals diet for weight loss, which is based on a spe­cial sequence of mono-diets. Accord­ing to its cre­ator, the Swedish nutri­tion­ist Anna Johans­son, this method is a sure rem­e­dy for the hat­ed fat folds at the waist.

6 petals - a convenient diet for weight loss

Stages of the 6 petal diet:

The secret of the Six Petals diet is that each of its stages is the prepa­ra­tion of the body for the menu of the com­ing day. The alter­na­tion of pro­tein and car­bo­hy­drate nutri­tion, says Dr. Anna Johans­son, not only pre­vents stress, but also leads to suc­cess­ful weight loss. By fol­low­ing all the rules of this diet, in six days you can lose three to five kilo­grams.

Of course, you need to under­stand that for peo­ple with a lot of weight, such mono-diets are dan­ger­ous to health. But if you just need to lose 3–5 kg ​​in a short time, then you can safe­ly choose a diet of 6 petals.

Diet 6 petals - nutrition scheme - infographic

Draw and cut out a flower with six petals to rep­re­sent your diet days. Label the petals accord­ing to the stages of the nutri­tion­al sys­tem and every evening tear off the one that rep­re­sents the past day.

Day 1 — Fish

1 day diet 6 petals - fish day

On the first day, eat only boiled, baked or stewed fish. You can light­ly salt the food, sea­son it with del­i­cate spices or herbs.

Fat­ty sea fish is best because it con­tains a lot of omega‑3 acids, which con­tribute to weight loss. Use the min­i­mum amount of oil when cook­ing. Dur­ing the day, the diet should be 500 g of fish. It will be great if you com­bine fat­ty and dietary fish in one day. You can also eat seafood (mus­sels, squid and shrimp).

It is allowed to drink tea with­out sug­ar and a lot of water. Usu­al­ly, on the first day, the body does not expe­ri­ence much stress, since it receives a lot of pro­tein.

Den 2 – Ovoschnoi

2 day diet 6 petals - vegetable day

The sec­ond stage is veg­etable. Your menu should be only salt­ed raw, stewed, boiled or baked veg­eta­bles and veg­etable juices. Every­thing except pota­toes. You can eat them raw, make smooth­ies, juices and sal­ads, as well as cook soups. You can also bake them with a min­i­mum amount of spices and oil. Roast­ing veg­eta­bles is not allowed.

You can not lim­it your­self in the num­ber of veg­eta­bles, because they are low in calo­ries.

Day 3 — Kypiny

3 day diet 6 petals - chicken

The dish of the third day of the 6‑petal diet is salt­ed boiled or baked skin­less chick­en breast. You can drink chick­en broth, bake chick­en in the oven with spices (eat with­out skin), steam chick­en.

You can use chick­en fil­let or, if desired, you can replace the chick­en with a turkey. Chick­en fil­let is a nutri­tious pro­tein, so if you eat it for break­fast, you will feel full for a very long time. For a day you need to eat 500 g of chick­en and up to 200 ml of chick­en broth.

Don’t for­get to drink plen­ty of water!

Day 4 — Cereal

4 day diet 6 petals - day on cereals

The fourth day is cere­al. Eat cere­als (bet­ter with a low glycemic index — buck­wheat, brown rice, oat­meal), seeds, bran and cere­al. It is allowed to drink kvass!

This is the day when you can allow your­self to sat­u­rate your body with com­plex car­bo­hy­drates. thanks to this nutri­tion, you will cleanse your body of pro­tein break­down prod­ucts, tox­ins and tox­ins.

Day 5 — Curd

 Day 5 diet 6 petals - cottage cheese day

The menu of the fifth day of the diet has six petals — low-fat cot­tage cheese and milk! And again, you have a pro­tein day on sched­ule. And this time it will be on low-fat cot­tage cheese, and you can also use up to 100 g of Greek yogurt with­out addi­tives and a glass of milk.

Eat up to 500 g per day, but the cot­tage cheese should be low in fat (up to 5%).

Day 6 — Fruit

 6 day diet 6 petals - fruit day

On this day, you can treat your­self to sweets! But, only nat­ur­al.

On the last day of the diet, eat raw and baked fruits and fruit juices with­out sug­ar. From spices, use cin­na­mon, lemon zest, vanillin.

You can eat them fresh, make sal­ads and smooth­ies, bake them in the oven (for exam­ple, cook apples with cin­na­mon in the oven for din­ner — the best option for los­ing weight when you have a sweet tooth).

Even water­mel­ons are allowed on this day. Once the body is full, stop eat­ing.

Dur­ing all six days, drink as much puri­fied water, green or black tea as pos­si­ble. Com­plete­ly give up sug­ar and sug­ary foods! These are the main rules.

Well, you need to be sur­prised if in the first two or three days the weight on the scales does not budge — this is nor­mal. But on the 4th-5th day you can notice minus 2–3 kg on the scales. But the sec­ond part of the 6 petal diet will def­i­nite­ly please you!

Good luck 🙂

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