Echinacea tincture — instructions for use, recipes

11 August 2019, 03:14

Echi­nacea is a plant that adorns many gar­dens and parks almost all sum­mer. In recent years, research sci­en­tists have been pay­ing more and more atten­tion to the heal­ing prop­er­ties of echi­nacea. Let’s see how you can improve your health with the help of echi­nacea. And how to apply it cor­rect­ly.

echinacea tincture


Properties and composition of the tincture

Nowa­days, echi­nacea is used as an immune boost­er. Stud­ies have shown that echi­nacea acti­vates and enhances the non­spe­cif­ic immune sys­tem, help­ing to elim­i­nate radionu­clides from the body. This can enhance the effec­tive­ness of the fight against bac­te­ria and virus­es, assist in the fight against infec­tious dis­eases, as well as pre­vent the dis­ease. Echi­nacea is not in vain called the “clean­er”. The plant active­ly cleans­es the lym­phat­ic sys­tem, blood, kid­neys and liv­er.


Tinc­ture treats: nephri­tis, hepati­tis, infec­tious and colds: influen­za, bron­chi­tis, ton­sil­li­tis, pneu­mo­nia, her­pes, as well as ulcers, gas­tri­tis, con­sti­pa­tion, wom­en’s dis­eases (inflam­ma­to­ry), etc. The infu­sion has antivi­ral and antibac­te­r­i­al prop­er­ties, is effec­tive for pol­yarthri­tis, pro­sta­ti­tis and gyne­co­log­i­cal dis­or­ders.

echinacea tincture how to take


Recep­tion of infu­sion improves blood com­po­si­tion, increas­es immu­ni­ty, accel­er­ates the heal­ing of wounds, frac­tures, bruis­es. For pso­ri­a­sis, eczema, burns, bed­sores and boils, the infu­sion is used in the form of lotions and com­press­es. Recep­tion of tinc­tures or infu­sion of echi­nacea helps to strength­en mem­o­ry and atten­tion, relieve stress and increase effi­cien­cy.
A decoc­tion cures an ulcer, joint pain, swelling, improves vision, mood.
The lotion soothes the skin, relieves irri­ta­tion, stim­u­lates metab­o­lism.
The bath has an antibac­te­r­i­al and wound-heal­ing effect.

immunity and echinacea tincture

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echinacea recipe

  • 200 g fresh (or 50 g dry) echi­nacea raw mate­ri­als (leaf, col­or, stem) pour 1 liter of vod­ka
  • infuse for 14–20 days in a dark place, (shak­ing occa­sion­al­ly)
  • strain

Take 20–30 drops 3 times a day before meals for 20–30 min­utes for 10 days. Then 3 days break, and so repeat twice for 10 days.


  • 1 st. pour a spoon­ful of dry echi­nacea (leaf, stem, col­or) into 0.5 liters of boil­ing water in a ther­mos (for the night) or in an enam­el bowl, warm well
  • Strain

Drink 100–150 ml 3 times a day 30 min­utes before meals. Take 10 days. After 5 days of break, repeat the recep­tion 2 more times for 10 days. This is 1 course. If nec­es­sary, the treat­ment is repeat­ed 3 more times for 10 days.

using echinacea tincture



  • 1 tea­spoon (dry) echi­nacea leaves pour a glass of boil­ing water and insist in a water bath for 15–20 min­utes
  • strain

Drink 1/3 cup 3 times a day before meals for 10 days. Then 5 days break and drink anoth­er 10 days. This is 1 course. Repeat at least 2–3 times in 5–10 days.


  • 25 g of herb and echi­nacea roots;
  • 20 g of herb suc­ces­sion;
  • 20 g chamomile;
  • pour 0.5 liters of vod­ka, and prefer­ably alco­hol;
  • insist 2 weeks, strain.

Wipe the skin after wash­ing with soap.


  • 5–6 tea­spoons of dry herb echi­nacea;
  • pour 1–1.5 liters of boil­ing water, leave for 45–50 min­utes;
  • Add strained broth to the bath.


It is not rec­om­mend­ed to take echi­nacea for more than 10 days with­out a break and for chil­dren under 2 years old. And also for leukemia, mul­ti­ple scle­ro­sis, tuber­cu­lo­sis, aller­gies and preg­nan­cy.


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