IQOS 3 Multi — everything about the device through the eyes of a girl

If you are read­ing this arti­cle, then you are prob­a­bly the same “fan” of a not entire­ly use­ful habit as I am. In this arti­cle, I will tell you why I chose IQOS instead of cig­a­rettes, why I upgrad­ed the device to a new mod­el, how I live with it, and what does 234 days have to do with it.

IQOS 3 Multi - device and packaging

Points of my sto­ry:

Last year, my col­league and I became hap­py (yes, hap­py) own­ers of a device called IQOS. Read about all the impres­sions and sen­sa­tions in the arti­cle: Inde­pen­dent IQOS test: I won’t go back to cig­a­rettes

There you will learn every­thing about the tobac­co heat­ing sys­tem and you can eas­i­ly “get into the sub­ject” if you hear about this device for the first time.

If there is no time and desire to get a grasp, here are a few main the­ses:

  • it is 90% less harm­ful than smok­ing;
  • tobac­co heats up, but does not burn, there­fore there is no smoke and ash;
  • you will nev­er smell of cig­a­rette smoke again — you won’t smell at all;
  • the process becomes more hygien­ic and aes­thet­ic.
IQOS 3 Multi - tobacco heating device

These con­clu­sions are tak­en from my per­son­al expe­ri­ence and from the offi­cial web­site

I accept­ed this device with all the plus­es and minus­es, and began to live and live, but not to know grief. It all went on exact­ly until one fine day Philip Mor­ris pre­sent­ed the world with a new gen­er­a­tion of its mir­a­cle gad­gets — IQOS 3 and IQOS 3 Mul­ti.

IQOS 3 and IQOS 3 Multi

Being a per­son who is greedy for all beau­ti­ful things, I care­ful­ly stud­ied both devices for a poten­tial pur­chase and here are my con­clu­sions.

ICOS 3 multi - unboxing

IQOS 3 — why not you. Pros and cons

IQOS 3 is cer­tain­ly a design mas­ter­piece, if such an epi­thet is applic­a­ble to a device that is designed to replace cig­a­rettes.

This is an improved ver­sion of the sec­ond gen­er­a­tion, in which the com­pa­ny’s engi­neers took into account all the short­com­ings (almost all) that IQOS 2.4 had:

  • the stick hold­er fell out of the case when open­ing it unsuc­cess­ful­ly — it was fixed with a mag­net
  • tir­ing pause between nico­tine “approach­es” — cut it almost in half
  • slight­ly bru­tal forms (this is my com­ment) — made them more sophis­ti­cat­ed.
  • did­n’t like the clean­ing keg, so they redid it.
Barrel for cleaning IQOS 3 and IQOS 3 Multi

In sum­ma­ry: this is a great device that is def­i­nite­ly rec­om­mend­ed for pur­chase if you have long want­ed to jump off cig­a­rettes and try some­thing rad­i­cal­ly dif­fer­ent.

But what about my case? Do I already have an IQOS?

I’ll be lying if I say that my first desire was not “I want him!!!” But then I weighed every­thing for myself: The cost of this copy is 3,500 hryv­nia, which would not stop me if I were at the begin­ning of my IQOS path, but I already have a device, and the tech­nol­o­gy itself remains the same. Yes, and my IQOS 2 felt great. In addi­tion, although the charg­ing pause has decreased, it still remains.

But I was not left with­out a pur­chase, oth­er­wise, this arti­cle would not exist. I con­sid­ered every­thing that I lacked in this mod­el in anoth­er. And that’s why IQOS 3 Mul­ti.

IQOS 3 Multi Package Contents

IQOS 3 Multi — I choose you

I am 100% visu­al and if a thing is beau­ti­ful, I need it. I could stop there, but I want you to under­stand my feel­ings.

IQOS 3 Mul­ti is a device that, in terms of exter­nal qual­i­ties, is in no way infe­ri­or to its fel­low, it is very beau­ti­ful and ele­gant, but I chose it not only for this.

Here are a few prac­ti­cal and emo­tion­al points that have become fun­da­men­tal for me, as an expe­ri­enced user (the most impor­tant for me is num­ber 3):

  1. Design. The mod­el received a one-piece body with­out a charg­ing case. Per­son­al­ly, it remind­ed me of a glass­es case that seemed to me as a secret agent device as a child, which is prob­a­bly why it impressed me so much. The shades of the mod­els are just beau­ti­ful, I set­tled on gold, which you can see in the pho­to. In addi­tion to gold, there are also: white, black and blue col­ors. The graphite fin­ish looks amaz­ing. On the side of the device is an acti­va­tion but­ton, which I liked more than in the old mod­el. The hole for the hits is closed with a drop-shaped over­lay. For me per­son­al­ly, this design is per­fect, it has no flaws and it looks very expen­sive.
  2. Inter­ac­tion. IQOS Mul­ti does not have a charg­ing case, which saves you from hav­ing to return the device to its place. By the way, I often for­get about it and get very upset when “the time has come”, and the device tells me: “no”. The bat­tery is built into the body of the device, and the charg­ing sock­et is locat­ed at the bot­tom. To insert the stick into the heat­ing hole, you need to slide the lid off — I like this moment, but I like the next step even more. So I took my legit­i­mate 12 “breaths” and now I need to get the stick. To do this, you need to lift the lid of the device, which then itself returns to its place, thanks to the mag­net — a ter­ri­bly pleas­ant moment. I did not like the bar­rel for clean­ing the device — in the third gen­er­a­tion mod­els it became thin and con­ve­nient. I gen­er­al­ly wear it on my keys.
  3. TEN. That’s how many sticks you can use with­out wast­ing time recharg­ing. This solves the main draw­back of the oth­er two devices, in my eyes. I’m not a heavy smok­er, but there are moments when the soul just needs to give her a dou­ble dose of nico­tine, I’m sure that you have had such moments too. And when you stand and wait for this sec­ond dose for sev­er­al min­utes, it real­ly knocks you down. Right there, I can use at least 10 sticks in a row, even though this is my stan­dard dai­ly dose. At the end of the day, I just leave the device on charge and turn it off in the morn­ing, even though it only takes 75 min­utes to ful­ly charge.
  4. Price. The device, although it costs more than my first IQOS — 3000 hryv­nias, is still cheap­er than IQOS 3 — you can buy it on the offi­cial web­site of the com­pa­ny in the IQOS Mul­ti sec­tion
Design IQOS 3 Multi

IQOS packaging and service

I delib­er­ate­ly put this as a sep­a­rate sec­tion, because this plus of the com­pa­ny is com­mon to all its prod­ucts — this is user expe­ri­ence.
When unpack­ing the device, you are left with the feel­ing that you are dis­cov­er­ing some­thing very expen­sive, much more expen­sive than you paid — this is also a very pleas­ant moment that per­fect­ly alle­vi­ates the pain of part­ing with mon­ey.

IMPORTANT! If you decide to buy ICOS, and no mat­ter what mod­el — do not go to the store to get it — order it on the web­site. It will be brought to you by a hand­some young man, in a beau­ti­ful car, and not by a tired couri­er with a sad face and wrin­kled clothes — this real­ly makes you feel spe­cial. It works for me.

IQOS 3 Multi - device review

Emotional conclusions and 234 days

IQOS 3 Mul­ti is a great device for those who decide to change cig­a­rettes
for some­thing less harm­ful and smelly. Of course, for those who like to think about life with IQOS in their hands, 10 charges may seem a lit­tle, but for such a case there is always the com­pa­ny’s flag­ship — IQOS 3. It will be a great addi­tion if you have already bought your­self IKOS 2, but the desire to increase the com­fort of use and plea­sure from the process did­n’t leave you. You go on a long jour­ney — you take a clas­sic mod­el, you go to work — IQOS Mul­ti. That’s exact­ly what I do.
Well, since you have read this arti­cle to the end, here is a sto­ry about 234 days for you. Nev­er been in Alco­holics Anony­mous or worse. But for some rea­son I remem­ber this date clear­ly, exact­ly 234 days ago I smoked my last cig­a­rette and dis­cov­ered a device called IQOS, which I am incred­i­bly glad about. Trite, you say, well, yes — I will answer.

The opin­ion of the edi­tors may not coin­cide with the opin­ion of the author of the arti­cle.

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