Morning exercise for weight loss. Rules and tips from the coach

Morn­ing exer­cise, if planned and exe­cut­ed wise­ly, will cor­rect the weight and help you get a gor­geous fig­ure. Morn­ing exer­cise may not be the only key to los­ing weight, but is part of the puz­zle that must be put togeth­er to cre­ate a com­pre­hen­sive healthy lifestyle.

Morning exercise for weight loss

How to prop­er­ly per­form exer­cis­es for weight loss in the morn­ing, where to start such exer­cis­es and what to include in the work­out? We asked an expert to tell us about it!

The lead­ing spe­cial­ist of the weight man­age­ment pro­gram tells about all the rules and secrets of the per­fect morn­ing exer­cise,

sports dietit­ian nutri­tion­ist Anna Bilous.

It is tempt­ing that morn­ing exer­cis­es can and should be start­ed with­out get­ting out of bed. This will help you grad­u­al­ly, slow­ly bring the body out of a sleepy state, stretch it after a long state of rest.

After wak­ing up, stretch well, stretch­ing all the mus­cles and lig­a­ments. Do it slow­ly. After that, you can do twist­ing — turn the upper body to the right, and the low­er one to the left, and then vice ver­sa.

These light exer­cis­es have a pos­i­tive effect on blood cir­cu­la­tion in the body. You can con­tin­ue bed gym­nas­tics by pulling your legs to your stom­ach, one at a time and togeth­er. Such move­ments strength­en the abdom­i­nal and back mus­cles, knead all the mus­cles of the body and pre­pare us for a full-fledged morn­ing gym­nas­tics.

exercises for weight loss


Basic rules for morning exercises

As much as we like to lie in bed, it’s time to get up and con­tin­ue to invig­o­rate the body with exer­cise. In order for such class­es to be effec­tive and bring results, if our goal is to lose weight, it is worth fol­low­ing a few sim­ple rules.

1. Charging needs a systematic approach.

Set aside 15–20 min­utes for exer­cise every day and make these exer­cis­es your morn­ing habit.

2. Drink a glass of water before exercising.

Water helps wake up your metab­o­lism. The break­fast that you will have after charg­ing will be per­ceived by the body as a joy, and not as a bur­den, as hap­pens if the body is still sleep­ing.

3. Do a warm-up.

Morning exercise for weight loss

We know­ing­ly talked about stretch­ing and a cou­ple of exer­cis­es in bed. Your body will be grate­ful if after sleep you begin to load it slow­ly and grad­u­al­ly, and not jump up and run “at full speed” to be active.

4. Do minimal intervals between exercises.

Charg­ing should be vig­or­ous and intense. If you rest more than one minute between sets, all your hard work will go down the drain.

Exercises for effective morning exercises

Every activ­i­ty should have a plan to fol­low. First­ly, then you know exact­ly what to do and do not waste time think­ing, and sec­ond­ly, the con­sis­ten­cy and rep­e­ti­tion of the same exer­cis­es every day give greater results.


There are many options for per­form­ing — choose the one that you like and suits you the most: run­ning in place, fiery dances, jump rope. The main thing is to do every­thing inten­sive­ly. Active music helps a lot — it will improve your mood and sup­port the pace. Do car­dio for 5–7 min­utes.

Chest, back and arms

For effec­tive per­for­mance, you will need dumb­bells or water bot­tles. Sit on a chair or sofa, keep your back straight and lev­el. Raise straight arms with dumb­bells or bot­tles above your head. Take turns spread­ing your hands. Do not low­er your elbows too much, the arm with the shoul­der should form an angle of 90 degrees. For each hand you need 10–15 times.

The sec­ond exer­cise is per­formed while stand­ing. Lean for­ward. Spread straight arms with bot­tles or dumb­bells to the sides, raise as high as pos­si­ble — you should get move­ments sim­i­lar to flap­ping wings, i.e. ampli­tude. Repeat 15–20 times or for a minute or two.

exercises for weight loss


Lie down on the floor, put your hands on your head or cross your chest, raise your upper body. It is very impor­tant not to overex­ert the neck — make the effort with the press, and do not reach up with the neck. Do as much as you can. Fix this amount, repeat it for a week. Then add 10 more times. After anoth­er week — anoth­er 10. The body gets used to the load and it needs to be grad­u­al­ly increased.

In the sec­ond exer­cise, the legs will be involved. Con­tin­ue to lie on a firm sur­face, lift­ing your straight legs to an angle of 45–60 degrees. Fix for 10 sec­onds. Slow­ly make a small cir­cle in the air. Put your feet down. Start with 10 reps. It will be easy to do — increase the load.

Legs and buttocks

We will fin­ish the work­out with squats. Keep your back straight, feet slight­ly wider than shoul­der width apart. Take the pelvis back as if there is an invis­i­ble chair behind. Do not lift your heels off the floor, your knees should not go beyond the line of your legs. Repeat 15 times. And just like with the press, every week increase the amount by 5–10 times.

Per­form­ing such a morn­ing com­plex every day, sup­ple­ment­ing it with prop­er nutri­tion, you will quick­ly improve your shape. Morn­ing exer­cise is the key to cheer­ful­ness and ener­gy for the whole day. Cre­ate your­self good and healthy habits like this one!

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