The Montignac diet in detail. Menu, tips, diet reviews

The Mon­ti­gnac diet is exact­ly the way to lose weight that does not harm your health. If you fol­low this diet, donuts and choco­lates will not appear to you, and food will cease to be the cen­ter of the uni­verse. For its soft­ness and acces­si­bil­i­ty, the Mon­ti­gnac diet is loved by both doc­tors and women around the world.

Montignac diet

This sig­na­ture diet was cre­at­ed by Michel Mon­ti­gnac. The sto­ry goes that he worked as a phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal rep­re­sen­ta­tive of a large com­pa­ny in France and was forced to accom­pa­ny clients all the time at social events, recep­tions, while going to restau­rants.

As a result, Mon­ti­gnac him­self appeared over­weight, los­ing which, with­out chang­ing jobs, seemed like over­whelm­ing work.

But some­thing went wrong, and Michel, instead of giv­ing up and grow­ing a bel­ly, decid­ed to ana­lyze his diet from a sci­en­tif­ic point of view. So he cre­at­ed the ide­al nutri­tion sys­tem, with the help of which he lost weight him­self and helps mil­lions of peo­ple to lose weight to this day.

To see how this method works, just look at its author.

Michel Montignac

How­ev­er, the his­to­ry of cre­at­ing the right diet has nev­er helped any­one bet­ter than the diet itself. So let’s get to the heart of the mat­ter.

What is the essence of the Montignac diet

The method of los­ing weight accord­ing to Michel Mon­ti­gnac is divid­ed into two stages.

First stage respon­si­ble for cleans­ing your body and los­ing weight.

Sec­ond phase will fight to keep the result and main­tain it for a long time.

Diet Montignac in detail

The essence of the first stage is that you must give up harm­ful prod­ucts, because of which the extra weight appeared. And in return, love healthy food that will help you lose weight. Thus, unnec­es­sary tox­ins and kilo­grams will leave your body.

As for the sec­ond stage, here it will be pos­si­ble to relax a lit­tle, because the food becomes not so cru­el. Some lib­er­ties are allowed here, which we will dis­cuss lat­er.

Menu for the Montignac diet

We will divide foods into healthy and unhealthy accord­ing to how they affect the lev­el of sug­ar in the body.

Diet Montignac menu

Accord­ing to Mon­ti­gnac, the main cause of obe­si­ty is that we eat the wrong foods in the wrong com­bi­na­tions. Food, espe­cial­ly car­bo­hy­drates, is rich in sug­ar (glu­cose, fruc­tose, etc.). In response to food intake, espe­cial­ly rich in sug­ars, insulin lev­els rise in the body. It is insulin that pre­vents the break­down of fats, which are even­tu­al­ly deposit­ed on the sides.

The con­clu­sion is sim­ple:

  1. Eat foods in the right com­bi­na­tions.
  2. Con­sid­er the glycemic index of food.

The glycemic index is respon­si­ble for sug­ar (fur­ther we will abbre­vi­ate it as GI). The GI can be used to deter­mine how much sug­ar lev­els in the body have increased after eat­ing a meal.

By the way, sug­ar always ris­es after eat­ing.

Harm­ful foods are those with a GI greater than 50. Accord­ing­ly, foods with a low­er GI are health­i­er.

The first stage of the Montignac Diet: details about the complex

Dur­ing the first stage, you must fol­low a few rules, which we will tell you about lat­er.

Montignac diet stages
  • Do not eat foods that have a GI greater than 50.
  • But foods with a GI of 15 or even less can be eat­en as much as you want. There are no restric­tions on quan­ti­ty or time.
  • When you decide to fol­low the Mon­ti­gnac diet, you need to remem­ber the food intake and not stray from it. It is worth eat­ing three times a day, prefer­ably always at the same time. We have pre­pared for you a small list of foods that you can, even need, eat dur­ing the first stage of the Mon­ti­gnac diet.


  • Yogurt, but with­out sug­ar;
  • Fish, meat or poul­try;
  • Veg­etable sal­ads (you can sea­son with sour cream or veg­etable oil).
  • Fish, meat or poul­try;
  • Eggs;
  • Cheese;


  • low-fat yogurt;
  • Por­ridge (buck­wheat, wheat. Por­ridge should be boiled in water);
  • Veg­etable sal­ad;
  • Durum flour pas­ta;
  • Veg­etable soups.

Prod­ucts that are com­pat­i­ble with pro­tein-car­bo­hy­drate and pro­tein-lipid:

  • Green veg­eta­bles;
  • Toma­toes;
  • Legumes (beans, soy­beans);
  • Mush­rooms;
  • Curd with 0% fat.

GI products: tables

The second stage of the Montignac diet

How do you know when to move on to the sec­ond stage? Every­thing is very sim­ple, the first phase should be com­plet­ed when you saw the desired weight on the scales. So it’s time to con­sol­i­date the result.

Montignac diet stage 2

Dur­ing the sec­ond phase of the Mon­ti­gnac diet, some lib­er­ties are allowed. For exam­ple, you can some­times eat foods in which the GI is more than 50. But don’t get too car­ried away, you can eat such foods a lit­tle and not often.

It is still bet­ter not to eat pota­toes, white rice, hon­ey, corn and white bread. Also pay atten­tion to foods that have a lot of fiber — they are very use­ful.

Let’s tell you a secret that some­times you can even eat sug­ar (you def­i­nite­ly smiled now), but don’t be too hap­py, there is one impor­tant con­di­tion here. On the day you ate some­thing with sug­ar, you can no longer eat any harm­ful foods.

It is best to observe the sec­ond stage all your life, then the fig­ure will be at its best, and you will also improve your health.

The Mon­ti­gnac diet will not force you to give up all the joys of life and infringe on nutri­tion. Nat­u­ral­ly, the first days it will be a lit­tle dif­fi­cult to give up all harm­ful things and remem­ber which prod­ucts should not be in the refrig­er­a­tor now. But then you get used to it and you start to like it.

The Mon­ti­gnac diet com­bines all the foods that are impor­tant for the prop­er func­tion­ing of the body! Try it and share your impres­sions in the com­ments!

author: Anas­ta­sia Olek­senko

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