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Novem­ber 08, 2018, 11:49

A healthy lifestyle is nat­ur­al for a per­son. Our bod­ies are “designed” to eat nat­ur­al food, move active­ly, observe sea­son­al and dai­ly rhythms… And the real­i­ties of our days are not an obsta­cle to a healthy life. Rather, on the con­trary.

Bionorica Health by nature

Glob­al­iza­tion and infra­struc­ture devel­op­ment have enriched our diet with goji berries, chia seeds, quinoa, almond milk… Smart watch­es wake us up in the cor­rect phase of sleep. Aqua aer­o­bics, TRX, fly yoga — today it’s easy to find an activ­i­ty for your soul and body! In a word, tak­ing care of health and stay­ing in har­mo­ny with nature these days is eas­i­er and more con­ve­nient than many peo­ple think.

But even peo­ple who lead a healthy lifestyle some­times get sick. And here the age-old ques­tion aris­es: how to be treat­ed? The med­i­cine should be effec­tive, con­ve­nient to use, while nat­ur­al and safe. Folk reme­dies are not always effec­tive, and it is advis­able to use “heavy med­ical artillery” only in extreme cas­es.

And here mod­ern phy­tomed­i­cine comes to the res­cue! Many are famil­iar with the herbal med­i­cines of the Ger­man com­pa­ny Bionor­i­ca, SE: Sin­upret, Imupret, Canephron, Mas­todi­non (before using the drugs, we rec­om­mend that you con­sult with your doc­tor). Every­one is famil­iar with these names, but few know what is unique and the main dif­fer­ence between Bionor­i­ca, CE prepa­ra­tions and oth­er herbal reme­dies.

Bionorica Products

Med­i­cines “Bionor­i­ca, CE” are herbal prepa­ra­tions with sci­en­tif­i­cal­ly proven effec­tive­ness. The com­po­si­tion of each is the result of painstak­ing lab­o­ra­to­ry research, a pre­cise­ly cal­cu­lat­ed and most effec­tive com­bi­na­tion of plant com­po­nents.

For exam­ple, “Sin­upret” includes gen­tian extract — but only its rhi­zomes, because it is he who has a secre­tolyt­ic effect. In “Mas­todi­non” — an extract of the fruits of Vitex Sacred, which reduces the lev­el of pro­lactin in the body, the excess of which caus­es PMS and mastopa­thy.

Bionor­i­ca, CE prod­ucts com­bine nat­u­ral­ness, effi­cien­cy and safe­ty. It is not for noth­ing that Sin­upret, Imupret, Bronchipret and oth­er drugs were offi­cial­ly includ­ed in the Ger­man Olympic team’s first aid kit as effec­tive and at the same time approved by the Anti-Dop­ing Com­mit­tee for use dur­ing com­pe­ti­tions.

Next year, the com­pa­ny will cel­e­brate the 20th anniver­sary of its own tech­nol­o­gy for the pro­duc­tion of herbal med­i­cines — “phy­toneer­ing” (from phy­tos — “plant” and engi­neer­ing — “engi­neer­ing”). Fol­low­ing his prin­ci­ples, “Bionor­i­ca, SE” cre­ates real “green med­i­cines” for those who want to stay in har­mo­ny with Nature — in sick­ness and in health.

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