Exercises with an elastic band for fitness from Anita Lutsenko

Recent­ly, fit­ness train­er Ani­ta Lut­senko post­ed in her mini-blog Insta­gram very use­ful videos, where I clear­ly showed how you can use a tape expander! Save for your­self, share with your friends and train!

Exercises with an elastic band for fitness from Anita Lutsenko

When there is no desire to go to a stuffy gym, but there is time to devote to train­ing at home, var­i­ous sports equip­ment comes to your aid, includ­ing a fit­ness rub­ber band!

Fit­ness band – uni­ver­sal sports equip­ment for effec­tive train­ing. Today, these tapes are quite pop­u­lar, but this is not sur­pris­ing, because they are com­pact and effec­tive, as they turn a reg­u­lar work­out into a set of strength exer­cis­es with­out the use of sim­u­la­tors.

The ex-coach of the show “Zvazhenі i schaslivі” in her Insta­gram mini-blog pro­file showed numer­ous fans how to eas­i­ly get in shape.

Ani­ta post­ed a video pre­sent­ing sev­er­al exer­cis­es that will help pump up the mus­cles of the but­tocks and legs. Thanks to these exer­cis­es, your body will become health­i­er and more beau­ti­ful!

As we can see, in the video, the train­er showed sev­er­al exer­cis­es with a fit­ness tape, which is very easy to do. The main thing is to pay atten­tion to the tech­nique of per­form­ing each Ani­ta’s exer­cise and, fol­low­ing them, begin to repeat.

In addi­tion, Ani­ta Lut­senko gave sev­er­al instruc­tions in the videos:

1. Squats with jumps (legs wider) 10 times.

2. Tilt with the leg to the side 20 times (flip through the exer­cis­es).

3. Lift­ing the pelvis with the breed­ing of the knees 20 times.

4. Steps side­ways 10 steps in one direc­tion and imme­di­ate­ly 10 in the oth­er!

Rest 30 sec­onds between exer­cis­es.

Have a great work­out! 🙂

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