How to lose weight in legs 3 super exercises, tips

Undoubt­ed­ly, slen­der long legs are the dream of every girl! If your legs are far from per­fect, you need to improve their appear­ance. Where to begin?

How to lose weight in legs - 3 super exercises tips

You can make your legs fit and slen­der through exer­cise and prop­er nutri­tion. A mas­sage will also speed up the process! All in a com­plex will give an excel­lent result.

It is very use­ful in gen­er­al for the body and legs to walk fre­quent­ly. This is at the same time a sim­ple and strong load, thanks to which you can keep the mus­cles of the hips and legs in good shape.

An effec­tive way to lose weight is swim­ming in the pool — such activ­i­ty stim­u­lates leg mus­cles well + rapid fat burn­ing.

swimming pool how to lose weight in legs

Swim­ming and walk­ing are aer­o­bic activ­i­ties that make it easy to lose weight.

Even after a week or two of active walk­ing in the fresh air, you will notice the result — the legs will tight­en, the hips will decrease.

In addi­tion, fit­ness train­ing for 15–30 min­utes will be very use­ful: leg swings, jump­ing rope, run­ning in place, cycling and so on.

How­ev­er, when doing these exer­cis­es, do not over­do it. Do not lean on weight, oth­er­wise the legs will pump up mus­cle mass and will not look thin. But don’t feel sor­ry for your­self!

These exer­cis­es will help tone the mus­cles of the but­tocks and legs.

1. Lunges

Lunges for weight loss in the legs

Stand up with your feet par­al­lel to each oth­er at a small width, bend your arms at the elbows and clasp your hands and clasp your hands at the lev­el of the solar plexus.

On an inhale, take a step for­ward with one foot. Squat down and bend your front leg at the knee to a 90 degree angle.

At the same time, the back foot should touch the floor. As you exhale, return to the start­ing posi­tion, alter­nate the left and right legs, then repeat the exer­cise about 15–20 times.

2. Jump Squats

Jump squats slimming legs

Fix your legs shoul­der-width apart, low­er your arms at your sides or clasp them in the lock. Then try to slow­ly low­er the pelvis so that the knees form a right angle. Next, jump up and bring your hands up. When you land, imme­di­ate­ly squat back. Do 3 sets of 20 reps.

3. Swing legs to the side

Stand straight with your feet togeth­er and arms by your sides. Step one leg out to the side and bend your knee 90 degrees. Return to the start­ing posi­tion and quick­ly do the same lunge on the oth­er leg. Repeat the exer­cise 20 times on each leg.

  Swing legs to the side slimming legs buttocks

Don’t use the force of iner­tia the force of iner­tia when doing this exer­cise. The abduc­tion of the legs must be con­trolled.

What to eat to lose weight in the legs?

If your goal is to lose weight in your thighs and legs, then it is very impor­tant to focus on burn­ing sub­cu­ta­neous fat and fight­ing cel­lulite that set­tles in those places.

For this pur­pose, any pro­tein diet is per­fect, for exam­ple, the Dukan diet, the Krem­lin or paleo diet. This way of eat­ing can sat­u­rate the body, help fight the crav­ing for sweets, and also com­pen­sates for the con­sump­tion of pro­tein in the mus­cles dur­ing train­ing.

How­ev­er, one should not over­do it and eat exclu­sive­ly low-carb foods, because it can endan­ger the body: meta­bol­ic dis­or­ders, a lack of nutri­tion­al resources for the brain and ner­vous sys­tem.

What to eat to lose weight in the legs?

Any diet should be bal­anced. How­ev­er, to give up sweets, flour, pas­tries, fast food, sweet soda, chips and so on — you need to give up unequiv­o­cal­ly.

Do you want your legs to be like from the cov­er?

Life hack: If it is extreme­ly dif­fi­cult for you to give up sweets, you need to dri­ve one habit into your­self.

So, as soon as your hand reach­es for a cook­ie or a pie, and you can no longer con­tain your­self, do 20 squats. Thus, you will work off extra unnec­es­sary calo­ries, tune in to the dis­ci­pline that is so nec­es­sary in sports.

Show your willpow­er, train, be inspired by pic­tures of girls with beau­ti­ful long legs! And every­thing will work out 🙂 Remem­ber that there is noth­ing left before the sum­mer.

how to pump up legs

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