How to make the morning good: 7 rituals for the family

Morn­ing is a spe­cial time that sets the tone for the whole day. Wak­ing up, stretch­ing with taste, slow­ly greet­ing the sun — it’s not always pos­si­ble to start the day that way. We asked our­selves: how to make the morn­ing good? And came up with as many as 7 answers!

How to make morning good

It is espe­cial­ly dif­fi­cult to imag­ine good morn­ing in a large fam­i­ly. The queue for the bath­room, shout­ing “Mom, where’s my brief­case?” and “Dar­ling, where is my sock?” Eter­nal haste… Yes, the task looks dif­fi­cult.

Fam­i­ly rit­u­als will come to the res­cue! They not only struc­ture life, but also calm, relieve stress: psy­chol­o­gists con­vinc­ing­ly prove that rit­u­als have a ben­e­fi­cial effect on a per­son, espe­cial­ly if they are per­formed in a pleas­ant com­pa­ny.

Here are 7 morn­ing activ­i­ties that you can prac­tice to add a good mood to all fam­i­ly mem­bers!

Gotta lie down

We all wake up to the sound of an alarm clock. And this is the first micro-stress of the day.

Take at least 5 min­utes to lie in bed with the whole fam­i­ly! Let the kids come to “vis­it” the bed­room. Or go with your hus­band to wake me up for school and lie down on his bed.

Just hug and wish each oth­er good morn­ing. This is the best start to the day, which even after many years will give warmth.

Telling dreams

Tell each oth­er what you all dreamed about today. Do not be afraid to voice your night­mares or dreams in which you failed! Rec­og­niz­ing your weak­ness­es is a very impor­tant point in build­ing your rela­tion­ship. Always explain why we have dreams and how they actu­al­ly relate to real­i­ty!

So the baby will soon under­stand that all his night­ly fears are unfound­ed, and his par­ents are always there to pro­tect him. In addi­tion, you can safe­ly share even the most inti­mate with them.

Do not try to make a child laugh if his dream seemed too fun­ny to you — he may be offend­ed. But laugh­ing togeth­er at the fun­ny plot of a dream is a great idea, because pos­i­tive emo­tions unite!

Charging for everyone

To wake up and prop­er­ly gain ener­gy, it will not be super­flu­ous to do a lit­tle morn­ing exer­cise. Just 10–15 min­utes a day is enough to feel cheer­ful!

Involve absolute­ly all fam­i­ly mem­bers in the exer­cise — it will be both more fun and more use­ful! No won­der folk wis­dom says that a child does not what his par­ents teach him, but what they do them­selves. So if you want a mir­a­cle to join a healthy lifestyle from child­hood, act hon­est­ly and start exer­cis­ing!

You can act as an instruc­tor, after whom every­one will repeat the move­ments. Or find the right exer­cise video that every­one in the fam­i­ly can do.

Neu­tral warm-up exer­cis­es are suit­able:

  • stretch­ing,
  • body turns,
  • rota­tion of the joints of the arms and legs,
  • a few squats or jumps.

Shared breakfast

From time immemo­r­i­al, shar­ing meals has been a way to bring com­mu­ni­ties togeth­er at all lev­els. That is why it is so impor­tant in your fam­i­ly to observe this morn­ing rit­u­al.

Choose some­thing deli­cious for break­fast to please both chil­dren and adults. It is advis­able to include pro­tein, com­plex car­bo­hy­drates, and some fat in the morn­ing meal. A com­plete menu for the morn­ing may include meat or fish, cere­als, cot­tage cheese, milk and oth­er dairy prod­ucts, cocoa, whole grains, fresh veg­eta­bles and fruits.

Here are some healthy break­fast com­bos:

  • fried eggs or scram­bled eggs with veg­eta­bles,
  • clas­sic eng­lish break­fast,
  • milk por­ridge or yogurt with fruits, berries, nuts.

Break­fast should be sup­ple­ment­ed with tasty treats — this approach will be espe­cial­ly pleas­ant for chil­dren. In order for a child to have an incen­tive to eat even not the most deli­cious healthy por­ridge, he must have excel­lent moti­va­tion: for exam­ple, some­thing deli­cious at the end of break­fast.

A nice addi­tion at the begin­ning of the day can be a nov­el­ty from Start! — super-mega-choco­late Cocoa pics fig­urines! This break­fast cere­al is free of arti­fi­cial col­ors and preser­v­a­tives and is high in cocoa, which makes it so deli­cious for a child!

Cocoa pics

Crispy Cocoa pics can be an indis­pens­able helper dur­ing break­fast — just fill them with milk or yogurt so that your child will enjoy eat­ing before school. Enjoy your meal!

One important thing

In order to have some­thing to praise your­self for all day, you should also give your­self a boost of con­fi­dence in the morn­ing. To do this, you will have to resort to your favorite time man­age­ment tech­nique — “eat the frog”. What does it mean to do one impor­tant, even if not very pleas­ant, thing.

It can be any­thing — a call, pay­ing bills, talk­ing, clean­ing. If you put it off in the evening, set an exam­ple for your fam­i­ly and start your day by releas­ing that very “long box” in which we all love to put our oblig­a­tions so much.

Plans for the day

Share your plans with each oth­er. Who and what is going to do today?

This is a very use­ful rit­u­al, because with its help you kill sev­er­al birds with one stone. First­ly, chil­dren will lis­ten with great inter­est about all the “adult” mat­ters — this is a good prepa­ra­tion for the future. Sec­ond­ly, both kids and adult fam­i­ly mem­bers will learn to for­mu­late their plans more clear­ly, which means that it will become eas­i­er to achieve their goals.


When see­ing off the one who is the first to leave home for work, school, kinder­garten, busi­ness, do not for­get to wish each oth­er a good day and smile. Some­times the real­iza­tion that we are wait­ing and loved at home can sim­ply save us — the love of loved ones keeps us afloat even in the most dif­fi­cult moment. And it’s also a charge of pos­i­tive for the whole day!

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