jillian michaels flat stomach in 6 weeks

05 March 2019, 13:54

Flat stom­ach in 6 weeks from Jil­lian Michaels — a mod­ern train­ing method pre­sent­ed by an Amer­i­can train­er. A course that will help you get a slim body!

jillian michaels flat stomach in 6 weeks

All women and girls want to have a slen­der body, toned ass and a flat tum­my. How­ev­er, are you putting in the max­i­mum effort for your dream? Today we will talk about how to make a sports bel­ly.

If it seems to you that hav­ing a flat stom­ach is some­thing from the cat­e­go­ry of the impos­si­ble, then we will real­ly sur­prise you now!

You can achieve the desired result in just 6 weeks! And all thanks to the fact that there is such a tech­nique as “Jil­lian Michaels: a flat stom­ach in 6 weeks.”

With the help of the pro­gram of the Amer­i­can train­er Jil­lian Michaels, in a short course of exer­cis­es you will become the own­er of a slim fig­ure, a thin waist and a flat stom­ach!

jillian michaels workout program

The essence of the Jillian Michaels program

Since water does not flow under a lying stone, you will have to work hard. After all, this course does not pro­vide for banal twist­ing of the press. It is the strongest fat-burn­ing work­out, where you need to sweat a lot.

The most impor­tant thing to remem­ber in this case sim­ple rule:

“It is use­less to pump the press with­out a car­do load, oth­er­wise the upper bel­ly fat will not go any­where”

There­fore, the train­ing pro­gram is car­ried out at a fast pace.

How­ev­er, the result is worth it! Are you ready to give 100% for your dream? Then let’s go!

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jillian michaels flat stomach in 6 weeks abs level 1

What is Jillian Michaels 6 Week Flat Stomach?

Every­thing is very sim­ple.

The train­ing itself is divid­ed into 2 lev­els, each of them for 3 weeks. Dura­tion — 30 min­utes.

Flat stomach in 6 weeks. 1 level

First lev­el Lev­el 1 per­formed by begin­ners who have just begun to get acquaint­ed with the pro­gram.

Flat stomach in 6 weeks. 2 level

And in the 4th week, when your body is ready for more intense work­outs and seri­ous loads, start Lev­el 2.

For exer­cise you will need:

  • dumb­bells 1–3 kg
  • mat for gym­nas­tics.

Per­form those exer­cis­es on the floor where there is a load on the upper and low­er press.

The whole les­son con­sists of 2 cycles: you do sev­er­al intense exer­cis­es and then repeat them again.

Note that this work­out is not rec­om­mend­ed for begin­ners in fit­ness. If you are a “you” with sports, it will be quite dif­fi­cult for you to com­plete the Flat Stom­ach in Six Weeks pro­gram.

Jillian michaels flat stomach in 6 weeks watch video

Pros and Cons of the 6 Week Flat Stomach Program

It is impor­tant to con­sid­er all the pros and cons of such train­ing!


  • Each per­son in sports has his own weak points, and it is on them that the empha­sis should be placed in train­ing. For most girls, the stom­ach is one of the most prob­lem­at­ic areas. In this course of exer­cis­es, the empha­sis is on the stom­ach and waist — train­ing will be very use­ful.
  • The dura­tion of one work­out is 30 min­utes. Only 3.5 hours a week and now you are stand­ing and admir­ing your­self in the mir­ror.
  • Since this is not only a “swing press”, but also a car­dio load, you will lose weight faster (while observ­ing the right diet).
  • Renowned train­er Jil­lian Michaels spec­i­fies the exact tim­ing of the pro­gram. Just six weeks. This means that it will be psy­cho­log­i­cal­ly eas­i­er for you to go towards your cher­ished dream.
Flat Stomach in 6 Weeks by Jillian Michaels


  • In train­ing, the empha­sis is on the waist and stom­ach. There­fore, it is almost impos­si­ble to lose weight local­ly. In this case, com­plex train­ing pro­grams are suit­able for you, or with an empha­sis on oth­er parts of the body.
  • Begin­ners are not rec­om­mend­ed to per­form such a load.
  • Monot­o­ny. For three weeks you do the same train­ing. It can eas­i­ly kill your moti­va­tion. But thanks to willpow­er, all this is doable!

Have you and your friends tried the 6 Week Flat Stom­ach pro­gram? Leave us your feed­back in the com­ments and tell us about your impres­sions!


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