7 Newbie Mistakes at the Gym: Trainer Reveals

The desire to play sports is com­mend­able. But when they come to the gym for the first time, for some rea­son many are embar­rassed to ask what is right, and decide that they will fig­ure it out them­selves. What mis­takes do begin­ners make? A pro­fes­sion­al train­er told us about this.

gym mistakes

Our new expert Ali­na KolosGym Press stu­dio train­er.

In her work, Ali­na encoun­ters many mis­takes — and she knows exact­ly how to fix them.

Alina Kolos

“The gym,” says Ali­na, “is an ide­al option for a city dweller to always keep her­self in shape. It requires enough effort, gives a surge of emo­tions, and here you also want to beat your records more and more each time. And under­stand that this is not the lim­it of your capa­bil­i­ties!

So, what mis­takes does a begin­ner make in the gym? Here’s the train­er’s top!

1. “I don’t need anyone, I’m on my own”

Before going to the gym, each of us must watch some pro­grams or videos on the Inter­net in order to at least rough­ly under­stand what and how to do.

gym mistakes

But it does­n’t always work the way it should! It is very dif­fi­cult to under­stand the tech­nique of per­form­ing this or that exer­cise until you try it under the guid­ance of a train­er. In fact, it is nec­es­sary to work out the exer­cis­es for years — this is the key to a good result.

There­fore, nev­er neglect the help of a spe­cial­ist!

2. Weight decides

Peo­ple, do not take heavy weights, while think­ing that you have steel mus­cles! Train­ing with addi­tion­al weight is not an excuse to show off in front of a girl, a guy or friends.

You won’t be Ms. Olympia in a week. You need to cal­cu­late your strength ade­quate­ly, and for starters, just mas­ter the tech­nique of per­form­ing this or that exer­cise.

gym mistakes

If you take heavy weights, then there is a high prob­a­bil­i­ty that you will not go to the gym for long: an over­trained body will refuse to work fur­ther, and the mus­cles will reject all phys­i­cal activ­i­ty.

3. “It’s better to do more while there is a desire”

With this mantra, many start sports train­ing, and the result, despite all the enthu­si­asm, is deplorable.

We need to do so much so that our body receives enough stress, and in the future it is effi­cient, and does not require lying down for two weeks and mov­ing away after the first work­out.

Feel your body and body, do not squeeze it to the max­i­mum. Find out your capa­bil­i­ties, and then build your work­outs the right way.

4. The training program of my friend

Dear ath­letes! You need to under­stand that each per­son is an indi­vid­ual, and there­fore his train­ing should cor­re­spond to his body.

gym mistakes

Some­one needs to gain weight, some­one needs to lose weight, some­one has back prob­lems, high, low blood pres­sure. All this must be tak­en into account when writ­ing a pro­gram. So tak­ing the advice of even your best friend, even if you are of a sim­i­lar build, will not work.

5. Don’t Warm Up Before Your Workout

Warm­ing up is a very impor­tant part of any work­out, as we must pre­pare our body for fur­ther dif­fi­cult work.

By neglect­ing this, we thus increase the like­li­hood of injury, which can sub­se­quent­ly adverse­ly affect our health for many years!

6. 40 exercises for the press

Each of us would like to have a per­fect­ly pumped press.

But this does not mean that we should devote all our train­ing to him! We must under­stand that:

- first­ly, the press will be vis­i­ble if we mon­i­tor our nutri­tion,

Sec­ond­ly, he is involved in many basic exer­cis­es.

gym mistakes

There­fore, you should not try to pump one part of the body in the short­est pos­si­ble time — the result will only be over­volt­age. A var­ied load has a much bet­ter effect on our mus­cles, this is a proven fact.

7. Wrong rest

Rest after the approach­es should be such that our pulse returns to nor­mal, and we can pro­ceed to the next approach.

You should not do 4 sets with­out a break, but you should not stand for half an hour with­out mov­ing, talk­ing with friends.

It all depends on the type of your work­out: if it is fat-burn­ing, then the pace will be more intense, if it is strength, then you need to clear­ly cal­cu­late the time for approach­es and time for rest.

gym mistakes

And in con­clu­sion — a gen­er­al advice from the coach Ali­na Kolos.

Do not be afraid to come up and ask for help from a coach or instruc­tor of the gym where you went! Nev­er be shy if you don’t know some­thing.

Go to your goal: it will be dif­fi­cult, but worth it. The most impor­tant rule of the gym is to enjoy your­self and feel your body, because sport should strength­en our health and bring only ben­e­fits. 🙂

gym mistakes

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