7 products against cancer: affordable and effective

March 18, 2018, 4:30 p.m

To reduce the risk of dan­ger­ous dis­eases, include foods in your diet that can stop can­cer cell growth! Sci­en­tists have named 7 com­mon­ly avail­able and easy-to-pre­pare foods against can­cer.

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Toma­toes are a source of the impor­tant pro­tec­tive sub­stance lycopene, which has anti-can­cer effects. It is bet­ter to eat them in a ther­mal­ly processed form: stewed, baked or in soup. They con­tain ten times more lycopene. With dai­ly con­sump­tion of toma­to sauce, the risk of devel­op­ing, for exam­ple, prostate can­cer is reduced by 20%.


With age, onco­log­i­cal dis­eases asso­ci­at­ed with the repro­duc­tive sys­tem often devel­op. They occur due to hor­mon­al imbal­ance dur­ing menopause. There­fore, the main pro­tec­tive foods against can­cer will be those that are able to nor­mal­ize this imbal­ance. For women, these are, for exam­ple, legumes (soy­beans, beans, peas) con­tain­ing phy­toe­stro­gens. For pre­ven­tion, it is rec­om­mend­ed to eat legumes up to 3 times a week or add them to meat dish­es (for exam­ple, soy meat).

Green tea

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Empir­i­cal­ly, experts have iden­ti­fied foods and drinks that have anti­car­cino­genic effects. One of them — green tea — con­tains a whole range of antiox­i­dants, polyphe­nols, resver­a­trol and quercetin. These sub­stances pro­tect cells from dam­age. For pre­ven­tion, drink at least 3 cups of green tea a day.

Olive oil

Sci­en­tists have found that women who fol­low a Mediter­ranean diet are less like­ly to get breast can­cer. The secret lies in olive oil, or rather in ole­ic acid, which is part of it. It not only inhibits the repro­duc­tion of car­cino­genic cells, but also increas­es the effec­tive­ness of drugs used in the treat­ment of breast can­cer. If you eat 15 to 25 ml of extra vir­gin olive oil every day, you can reduce the risk of devel­op­ing breast and ovar­i­an can­cer by 60%.

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To pre­vent bow­el can­cer, eat at least 5 serv­ings of veg­eta­bles and fruits con­tain­ing veg­etable fibers every day. Each serv­ing is about 100–150 g. Beet­root is espe­cial­ly use­ful — it is an effec­tive prod­uct against can­cer. Beet­root cleans­es the intestines of tox­ins, improves its motil­i­ty and func­tion. It can be eat­en raw (in sal­ads), boiled or baked. Green onions, pars­ley or leafy sal­ads have the same effect.


Accord­ing to the lat­est sci­en­tif­ic research, gar­lic may pro­tect against stom­ach and colon can­cer. Thanks to spe­cial com­pounds, it increas­es the activ­i­ty of immune sys­tem cells that are respon­si­ble for resist­ing can­cer, binds tox­ins and removes them from the body, and acti­vates white blood cells that engulf and destroy can­cer cells. Doc­tors rec­om­mend eat­ing at least 5 cloves of gar­lic a week to pro­tect against can­cer.

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For the pre­ven­tion of breast can­cer, all types of cab­bage are use­ful: broc­coli, white cab­bage, Brus­sels sprouts and oth­ers. Cab­bage con­tains indoles that pro­tect cells from free rad­i­cal dam­age. Try to eat fresh cab­bage in sal­ads, boiled or stewed every day.

If you include these prod­ucts against can­cer in your diet, avoid stress, lead an active lifestyle, then the risk of devel­op­ing dan­ger­ous dis­eases will decrease many times over.

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