Eight effective steps to a slim figure! Expert opinion

Eat­ing style is just a set of eat­ing habits. If you want to change them and change your­self, you must act grad­u­al­ly. Haste in this mat­ter is com­plete­ly use­less, accord­ing to nutri­tion experts. Bet­ter — not quick­ly, but reli­ably!

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Nutri­tion­ists assure: you should not run at full speed to a slen­der fig­ure, but move slow­ly. This prin­ci­ple is sup­port­ed by sci­en­tif­ic research. So, in the Amer­i­can med­ical jour­nal Annals of Behav­ioral Med­i­cine, data from one exper­i­ment are giv­en. Par­tic­i­pants who made one change in eat­ing behav­ior or phys­i­cal activ­i­ty sched­ule every week for four months lost twice as much excess weight as those who fol­lowed the stan­dard rec­om­men­da­tions. Sci­en­tists say that if we focus on one change in a cer­tain peri­od of time, it quick­ly becomes a habit. And most diets work on a dif­fer­ent prin­ci­ple, so soon­er or lat­er we will def­i­nite­ly break down.

Let’s also try to change and improve our eat­ing behav­ior. For two months. Shall we try?

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It takes about three months to com­plete­ly change your eat­ing habits. Metab­o­lism changes in 120 days!

First week

Instead of meat, try mak­ing any dish with beans (hel­lo fiber!). Canned beans should be thor­ough­ly rinsed with water, soaked overnight and cooked. Mari­nade should not be used. By the way, due to the pres­ence of pro­tein, such a dish per­fect­ly sat­u­rates!

Second week

Be sure to try a prod­uct that is not includ­ed in your diet. So, man­go (a source of beta-carotene) or fen­nel (rich in antiox­i­dants). And also start the day not with the usu­al lat­te or espres­so, but bet­ter with a cup of cocoa. And instead of sug­ar, add cin­na­mon or orange zest to it. A fresh, fra­grant, cheer­ful morn­ing will be pro­vid­ed to you. And as a snack — eat not a ham­burg­er, but a juicy apple.

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Aver­age Bur­da

Third week

Less salt! Salt food already at the table, not dur­ing cook­ing. So the risk of over­salt­ing is reduced to almost zero. Nutri­tion­ists have cal­cu­lat­ed that the prod­ucts that make up the aver­age dai­ly human diet include about 15 g of salt, and this amount also includes sodi­um chlo­ride found in foods such as meat, fish, bread, and veg­eta­bles. Even cot­tage cheese and cere­als con­tain sodi­um chlo­ride. There­fore, the best guide­line for you will be this rule: 5 g of salt per day. That is one tea­spoon. Max­i­mum!

Fourth week

Include seafood on your menu. If you are cook­ing fish, it is bet­ter not to fry it, but to steam it or bake it in foil. And also do not for­get about sea­son­ings and herbs: for exam­ple, dill and gar­lic will help you more eas­i­ly sur­vive the almost com­plete absence of salt in the diet. You can also exper­i­ment with spices.

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Fifth week

Try soy prod­ucts. For exam­ple, if you freeze tofu cheese and then rub it into a sal­ad or pas­ta, you will not notice any dif­fer­ence with reg­u­lar cheese.
And also at home should always be frozen veg­eta­bles. Add them to soups, cook as a side dish for fish and meat.

sixth week

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Make your own mues­li and have it for break­fast. The recipe is sim­ple: a mix­ture of 2 tbsp. oat­meal, 1 tbsp. dried fruits, 2 tsp. spoons of brown sug­ar pour into a bak­ing dish and put in the oven for 35 min­utes. And remem­ber: the max­i­mum serv­ing is 350 g at a time. Drinks count too! By the way, if you can’t com­plete­ly give up cof­fee, replace at least one cup with green tea. And grad­u­al­ly switch to this more healthy drink.

seventh week

Cab­bage time: broc­coli, Brus­sels sprouts, Savoy, cau­li­flower, etc. Take your pick. Broc­coli, by the way, goes great with papri­ka and sesame seeds. And the Brus­sels sprout is very good if fried in olive oil with rose­mary and gar­lic. Also, keep a healthy snack on hand: nuts, fruits, veg­eta­bles, low-fat yogurt and a glass of water.

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Eighth week

Fruit dessert instead of sweets and cakes. This sim­ple replace­ment will reduce the caloric con­tent of the diet by at least 100 kcal. Sal­ads dressed with low-fat yogurt, and apples baked with hon­ey and cin­na­mon, are also suit­able. Just do not need to eat canned fruits: we absolute­ly do not need the syrup with which they are soaked.

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