How to lose weight in 3 days

Decem­ber 23, 2017, 09:04

So, New Year in 3 days. Do you have a few more pounds to spare? Don’t despair! There is a way to lose 3–5 kg ​​these days.

lose weight for the new year


True, the diet is rigid, low-calo­rie and low-car­bo­hy­drate. But she has a plus — it does not last long, weight loss is guar­an­teed. In order not to over­come the feel­ing of hunger, walk more in the fresh air and drink plen­ty of flu­ids.

Menu of the three-day express diet:

cottage cheese, photo


1st break­fast - 1 boiled chick­en egg

2nd break­fast - 200 g of low-fat cot­tage cheese, a cup of green tea with­out sug­ar

din­ner - also 200 g of cot­tage cheese and green tea.

All! There is no din­ner!

Plen­ty of water between meals. Ordi­nary clean water with­out gas. Drink 2–3 liters.

diet for the New Year, photo


If you endure, suc­cess at the New Year’s par­ty is guar­an­teed to you. But dur­ing the fes­tive feast, keep your­self in con­trol: start leav­ing the diet after the chim­ing clock: do not eat fat­ty, meat and flour dish­es. Lim­it your­self to a light sal­ad. Maybe fruit.

Spend the rest of the hol­i­days out­doors, grad­u­al­ly increas­ing the amount of food and caloric intake.


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