How to quickly prepare your body for the summer? Anita Lutsenko’s advice

Well-known fit­ness train­er, TV pre­sen­ter, author of a book about a healthy lifestyle and prop­er nutri­tion Ani­ta Lut­senko decid­ed to help many girls pre­pare their bod­ies for the sum­mer. On her Insta­gram page, Ani­ta post­ed use­ful infor­ma­tion on how you can quick­ly get back into your per­fect shape and get ready for the beach sea­son.


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The fit­ness train­er invit­ed every­one to take part in a kind of marathon “14 days before sum­mer”. For two weeks, it is worth adher­ing to cer­tain dietary rules and doing exer­cis­es, which, by the way, do not take much time. Even if you do not have time to take part in this prepa­ra­tion, it is nev­er too late to take advan­tage of the tips and exer­cis­es from the expert! More­over, the rules are sim­ple and easy to fol­low.

Step 1

If you are tak­ing part in #14daysflight, then you have prob­a­bly already com­plet­ed this step, if not, the first thing to do before start­ing your trans­for­ma­tion is to deter­mine the start­ing point. Ani­ta Lut­senko advis­es tak­ing a cen­time­ter tape and tak­ing mea­sure­ments:

Start your path to a beau­ti­ful fig­ure by tak­ing mea­sure­ments: write down your real weight, mea­sure your waist (the nar­row­est point), bel­ly (the widest), but­tocks (the most con­vex behind and in front oppo­site the pubis), chest (vol­ume under the breast). Take a BEFORE pho­to so you have some­thing to com­pare with lat­er 😉

Step 2

The sec­ond rule is prop­er nutri­tion! Ani­ta Lut­senko pro­pos­es to observe the fol­low­ing points:

1. 3 meals a day + you can have a snack of fruit or yogurt, but in between meals we do not eat any­thing.

2. The heav­i­est meal should be lunch.

3. The weight of each serv­ing should not exceed 350 g.

4. Give up: alco­hol, bread, cof­fee with milk (you can do with­out milk), every­thing sweet (1 tsp of hon­ey per day is pos­si­ble), every­thing fried and fat­ty, any sweet­en­ers and of course sug­ar))

5. Eat: veg­eta­bles and herbs, fruits (no more than 2 pieces a day until 16:00), dairy prod­ucts (yogurt with­out addi­tives (no more than 200 ml), kefir (no more than 200 ml), cot­tage cheese, cheese no more than 40 g per day), berries, fish, lean meat, eggs, cere­als (buck­wheat, oat­meal, bul­gur, quinoa, bas­mati rice, corn por­ridge, mil­let), nuts (no more than 6 pieces per day).

6. We don’t eat after 20:00!

Step 3

As you know, phys­i­cal activ­i­ty with any diet helps to get back in shape faster, and also: to feel bet­ter! So start small and build up grad­u­al­ly. By the way, all the videos in which Ani­ta Lut­senko shows how to work out prob­lem areas can be viewed on her page. Be sure to join! In the mean­time, per­form an inter­est­ing com­plex aimed at mak­ing the stom­ach flat. Oh, and don’t for­get to walk a lot! Ani­ta Lut­senko rec­om­mends doing: “10 thou­sand steps a day at least!”. Good luck!

You can find more about the beau­ti­ful Ani­ta Lut­senko at the link.


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