When is the best time to drink coffee?

Decem­ber 13, 2017, 08:06

Do you always pour your­self a cup of cof­fee in the morn­ing dur­ing break­fast to keep you awake? And in vain! Sci­en­tists have dis­pelled the myth that cof­fee is a morn­ing drink that tones and ener­gizes for the whole day.

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As experts have found out, a per­son feels more com­fort­able in the morn­ing than at lunchtime, so a cup of nat­ur­al cof­fee will come in handy dur­ing the lunch break.

The best time to take an invig­o­rat­ing drink is 14:00.

It turned out that in the after­noon we tend to feel a lit­tle tired, con­cen­tra­tion of atten­tion often decreas­es, and this does not allow us to focus on impor­tant mat­ters.

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Caf­feine pre­vents the inhibito­ry neu­ro­trans­mit­ter adeno­sine from being acti­vat­ed, and acti­vates the brain. As a result, the gen­er­al con­di­tion of the body improves and the mood ris­es.

By the way, sci­en­tists recent­ly cal­cu­lat­ed the dai­ly rate of cof­fee con­sump­tion. A per­son can take up to 400 mg of caf­feine per day with­out harm­ing health. This is about two cups of an invig­o­rat­ing drink.

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