7 reasons to be active

Decem­ber 08, 2017, 10:02

To play sports and be active, you need moti­va­tion. And this is not exact­ly the same as willpow­er! The main prin­ci­ple of moti­vat­ed action is that you don’t need to force your­self and over­pow­er your­self. You need to explain to your­self why you need it.

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With this approach, you will achieve much more effec­tive results than rap­ing your­self! Here are some good rea­sons to sup­port your deci­sion to take care of your­self and not wal­low on the couch.

1. You will have a reason to be proud of yourself.

“I start­ed jog­ging in the morn­ing”, “I go to the pool”, “I signed up for a fit­ness club”… It already sounds cool! And this can be proud­ly pre­sent­ed to your­self when you have ques­tions like: “Am I real­ly a weak-willed crea­ture and can’t cope with lazi­ness and change myself?” And here you can! A self­ie in a nice suit at the mir­ror of the sports club, the read­ings of the counter of steps and the calo­ries lost are oblig­ed to sup­port you in this. It start­ed so well, you feel so smart, you can’t quit!

2. You will lose weight

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This item should have been put first! Of course, we must remem­ber that a mir­a­cle will not hap­pen and tens of kilo­grams will not melt in a week. But the fact that with reg­u­lar phys­i­cal activ­i­ty a grad­ual weight loss is guar­an­teed is a fact. Espe­cial­ly if it’s run­ning or swim­ming. The main thing is not to quit.

3. You will get more done

“There is no time for class­es or walks” — upon clos­er exam­i­na­tion, this for­mu­la turns out to be incor­rect. When you start mak­ing time for them on a reg­u­lar basis, you have more ener­gy, and you deal with oth­er things faster and more fun. Even men­tal work takes less time, because the brain is bet­ter sup­plied with oxy­gen.

4. Your mood will improve

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If you start exer­cis­ing out­doors in fine weath­er and spend­ing more time out­doors when­ev­er pos­si­ble, you will get much more oxy­gen and sun­light. The best recipe for insom­nia, depres­sion, and oth­er health prob­lems! The main thing is not to choose places where there is noth­ing to breathe from exhaust, but com­fort­able green areas.

5. You will become prettier

First­ly, because of the changes for the bet­ter in the fig­ure and com­plex­ion, and sec­ond­ly, you will smile more often! Sure­ly you your­self remem­ber: after a good load, you expe­ri­ence some­thing like eupho­ria, a charge of pos­i­tive emo­tions. Those who do not sit still get excel­lent “stress immu­ni­ty”. What is reflect­ed in the appear­ance is bet­ter than any cos­met­ics!

6. You will improve your health

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Mod­er­ate exer­cise improves the func­tion­ing of the heart and blood ves­sels and nour­ish­es the brain with oxy­gen and glu­cose, and nor­mal­izes metab­o­lism. Phys­i­cal­ly active peo­ple devel­op dia­betes 40% less often. And run­ning, walk­ing and danc­ing strength­en the skele­tal sys­tem, mak­ing it resis­tant to osteo­poro­sis.

7. You will give birth to a wonderful baby

An inten­sive sup­ply of oxy­gen to the tis­sues of the expec­tant moth­er is ben­e­fi­cial for the unborn child. A trained body will facil­i­tate the birth process. And when your child grows up, you will instill healthy habits in him. Doing sports will be even more fun!

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Edi­tor’s advice. Even if not all loved ones are ready to active­ly sup­port you in your pur­suit of a healthy lifestyle, do not be dis­cour­aged. There are so many nice peo­ple around who share your desires! You and new acquain­tances will always find a top­ic for com­mu­ni­ca­tion and a place to meet. And there are so many pret­ty young peo­ple among the lovers of activ­i­ty and sports!.. Sure­ly you under­stood our hint;)

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