Diet for angina: what foods are not recommended

Octo­ber 21, 2017, 22:25

Do you want to get well soon and return to a nor­mal lifestyle? Lim­it your­self to the use of cer­tain prod­ucts, and sore throat will pass faster and with­out con­se­quences.

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What should be avoided in acute tonsillitis?

Sweet. First of all, for­get sug­ary foods and drinks for a while. They con­tain glu­cose, which set­tles on the walls of the throat and cre­ates an ide­al breed­ing ground for bac­te­ria. Hon­ey is a great alter­na­tive to sug­ar. Add it to warm (by no means hot!) tea or sim­ply dis­solve it with water.

Spicy, spicy, sour, salty. Avoid harsh tastes. They irri­tate the throat and pro­voke swelling of the mucosa. Famous folk heal­ers, lemon and gar­lic, also fall into this cat­e­go­ry. Use them in lim­it­ed quan­ti­ties.

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Car­bon­at­ed drinks. They are also an addi­tion­al irri­tant for the pha­ryn­geal mucosa.

Dairy. Milk, cheese, and oth­er dairy prod­ucts can cause mucus to build up in the throat and lungs and set the stage for infec­tion and inflam­ma­tion.

Hot drinks. They burn the throat, which aggra­vates the dis­ease and its symp­toms. In the treat­ment of severe sore throat, the drink should be warm, but in no case hot.

Rough and hard foods. Give up coarse cere­als, bread, toast, crou­tons, crack­ers and dry­ers. Such food is irri­tat­ing and leaves small scratch­es on swollen and inflamed tis­sues.

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