How to deal with flatulence? Top 3 Nutritionist Tips

Decem­ber 02, 2017, 20:11

How to effec­tive­ly deal with bloat­ing and flat­u­lence, and what prod­ucts most often pro­voke this del­i­cate prob­lem?



The experts of the TV mag­a­zine “Every­thing will be kind” on STB shared their expe­ri­ence and told how to get rid of this prob­lem.

Expert Alla Kovalchuk test­ed the anti-bloat pil­low, which Olga Volko­va sewed, and also told which prod­ucts she was forced to exclude from her menu.

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Nutri­tion­ist Svet­lana Fus told what foods can pro­voke flat­u­lence.

Foods that cause flatulence

The leader among foods that cause bloat­ing and gas is beans. How­ev­er, you should not com­plete­ly aban­don this prod­uct, but only lim­it its quan­ti­ty.

Next on the list are pas­tries and flour prod­ucts.

Cab­bage came in third.

Sweet car­bon­at­ed drinks always cause fer­men­ta­tion in the intestines and flat­u­lence.

Pro­tein foods — meat, eggs and fish in large quan­ti­ties cause gas for­ma­tion and are processed by the body for a very long time.

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Dairy prod­ucts con­tain lac­tose (milk sug­ar), which caus­es bloat­ing. There­fore, it is bet­ter for peo­ple with lac­tase defi­cien­cy to give up milk and oth­er dairy prod­ucts.

Grapes con­tain a large amount of glu­cose and most often pro­voke flat­u­lence, and can even cause intesti­nal col­ic.

How to cope with flat­u­lence quick­ly and effec­tive­ly, see the fol­low­ing video.

How to deal with flatulence? Top 3 Nutritionist Tips (Video)


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