How to strengthen the body and avoid colds

Decem­ber 11, 2017, 10:22 am

Strong immu­ni­ty is the key to good health and well-being even in the cold­est weath­er. Find out what you need to do so that your body can resist the attack of virus­es and bac­te­ria.

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Vitamin recharge

It is known that vit­a­mins A, C, E, trace ele­ments sele­ni­um, zinc, cop­per are a kind of fuel for immune cells. Antiox­i­dants are also active stim­u­lants of immu­ni­ty. They pro­tect every cell of our body from the neg­a­tive effects of the envi­ron­ment and the inter­nal envi­ron­ment. They also stop the oxi­da­tion process­es and thus pro­tect the body from dis­eases. These sub­stances are rich in cere­als, legumes, fresh veg­eta­bles and fruits, as well as veg­etable oils.

More Protein

The immune sys­tem is very sen­si­tive to a lack of pro­tein in the diet, which hap­pens, for exam­ple, to those who are on an illit­er­ate diet. The fact is that pro­tein amino acids are the “build­ing blocks” from which immune cells are “built”. In the cold sea­son, 25% of the diet should con­sist of pro­tein (pro­tein), and at every meal. Eggs, dairy and sour-milk prod­ucts, lean meat, fish are sources of ani­mal pro­tein. For an opti­mal effect on the body, half of the pro­tein should be of plant ori­gin: from legumes, cere­als, pota­toes, soy­beans.



Microflora balance

The gut is the back­bone of the immune sys­tem. If its microflo­ra is dis­turbed, the whole organ­ism suf­fers. The rea­son is that the imbal­ance of ben­e­fi­cial and harm­ful bac­te­ria leads to the fact that the ben­e­fi­cial sub­stances that come to us with food are not ful­ly absorbed. Lack of vit­a­mins and min­er­als entails a weak­en­ing of the immune sys­tem, meta­bol­ic dis­or­ders.

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As a result, a per­son feels con­stant weak­ness, fatigue, he often gets sick for a long time. The fol­low­ing mea­sures will help to avoid such trou­bles:

  • eat more dairy prod­ucts;

  • drink enough min­er­al water with­out gas;

  • include foods rich in fiber in your diet.

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