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Do you like to eat deli­cious food and dream of a slim fig­ure? Even if you have gained a few extra pounds, it is not so dif­fi­cult to get rid of them. Fol­low our rec­om­men­da­tions and you will always be in great shape.



1. Drink water

Any­one who drinks 0.5 liters of water half an hour before a meal burns 30 kcal with­out doing any­thing else. 2 liters of water per day burn, respec­tive­ly, 120 kcal.

2. Jump over the rope

In half an hour you can burn 350 kcal. But you need to jump at a fre­quen­cy of 120 jumps per minute, no less.

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3. Have an espresso before your walk

If you drink a drink before aer­o­bic exer­cise, caf­feine will help you burn more fat on the tread­mill. How­ev­er, you can drink cof­fee (nat­u­ral­ly, with­out sug­ar and cream), and then take a walk in the park for a cou­ple of hours. The effect will be the same.

4. Eat grapefruit


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2 slices of grape­fruit after a meal will help get rid of excess fat. But you need to eat with­out sug­ar.

5. Cut calories

Min­i­mize ani­mal fats in your diet. Fry in veg­etable oil, eat low-calo­rie cheese and skin­less chick­en.

6. Click on the dots

It’s hard to believe, but it’s true: when you real­ly want to eat, squeeze your thumb and mid­dle fin­ger 3 times, and hunger will pass.

7. Drink green tea

Was there meat for din­ner? Drink hot green tea. It will help the body cope with the load.

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8. Do a water “massage”

Smoothing nasolabial folds: exercises and massage - photo

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At the dacha, car­ry out SPA pro­ce­dures: pour water from a hose. Helps with cel­lulite!

9. Drink some wine

A glass of red wine (no more than 85–100 ml) dur­ing a hearty feast improves diges­tion. It is impor­tant not to get car­ried away with a drink, oth­er­wise, in addi­tion to unpleas­ant sen­sa­tions, the next day you will find a hat­ed excess weight.

10. Don’t forget the watercress

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Eat a hand­ful of it every day: it per­fect­ly speeds up the metab­o­lism.

11. Make a turbo drink

An egg white shake is great for burn­ing fat. Whip the pro­tein with milk and drink for din­ner. A toma­to-cran­ber­ry drink will get rid of tox­ins. Mix half a cup of cran­ber­ries, half a toma­to and a tea­spoon of hon­ey in a blender.

12. Give up soda

In hot weath­er, you just want to quench your thirst with some­thing sweet with bub­bles. You have to give up this bad habit. First­ly, sweet water increas­es blood sug­ar lev­els, fast car­bo­hy­drates are instant­ly digest­ed and con­vert­ed into fat. Sec­ond­ly, car­bon diox­ide excites gas­tric secre­tion and increas­es appetite. Third­ly, it is impos­si­ble to get drunk with soda, so you want it more and more.

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13. Make Raspberry Sherbet


Whisk 250 g of rasp­ber­ries, 2 table­spoons of lemon juice and 250 g of diet yogurt in a mix­er. Put in the refrig­er­a­tor for half an hour, and then eat to health. Sher­bet has only 25 kcal.

14. Spin the pedals

Com­bine busi­ness with plea­sure: trav­el around the city by bike on week­ends. An hour of cycling at a fast pace — minus 600 kcal.

15. Add some spicy

Eat­ing a small piece of chili pep­per is enough to start a 3‑hour fat-burn­ing reg­i­men.


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