What are the benefits of pumpkin seeds. Useful properties of seeds

Decem­ber 03, 2017, 15:44

Do you like pump­kin seeds? It turns out that these unsight­ly at first glance, the seeds are very use­ful! They con­tain a lot of vit­a­mins and min­er­als that improve the func­tion­ing of all body sys­tems.

The benefits of pumpkin seeds

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For the heart and blood ves­sels

Pump­kin seeds con­tain mag­ne­sium, which has a pos­i­tive effect on heart func­tion. It nor­mal­izes its rhythm and tone.

In addi­tion, pump­kin seeds help sta­bi­lize blood pres­sure and, due to the high con­cen­tra­tion of phy­tos­terols, help reduce bad cho­les­terol.

For brain func­tion

Pump­kin seeds are an excel­lent source of the amino acid tryp­to­phan. It is she who ensures the pro­duc­tion of sero­tonin by the body, which is sim­ply nec­es­sary for a good mood and healthy sleep.

By the way, there is enough zinc in pump­kin seeds to improve your mem­o­ry and reduce fatigue.

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For the pre­ven­tion of dia­betes

Think­ing about dia­betes pre­ven­tion and weight loss? Eat pump­kin seeds every day! They con­tain a lot of eas­i­ly digestible pro­tein, which helps to low­er blood sug­ar lev­els.

For the intestines

You must have heard about the ben­e­fits of fiber. In pump­kin seeds, it is enough to reg­u­late bow­el func­tion and get rid of con­sti­pa­tion.

To fight worms

Pump­kin seeds are one of the most effec­tive reme­dies for par­a­sites. Rumor has it that thanks to this prod­uct, worms can be cured in a cou­ple of days.

For the vestibu­lar appa­ra­tus

Are you suf­fer­ing from sea­sick­ness? Nau­sea with strong pitch­ing will help defeat pump­kin seeds.

Pump­kin seeds are just a store­house of nutri­ents. How­ev­er, not every­one can use this prod­uct. You should not get car­ried away with seeds if you have seri­ous prob­lems with the diges­tive tract, increased acid­i­ty of gas­tric juice or poor intesti­nal paten­cy.

Are there any con­traindi­ca­tions? Feel free to include pump­kin seeds in your diet! By the way, you can cook orig­i­nal dish­es with them.

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