Calorie foods in the diet

Octo­ber 18, 2017, 16:59


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Do you dream of los­ing a few kilo­grams, and there­fore scrupu­lous­ly count­ing calo­ries? Accord­ing to nutri­tion­ists, some high-calo­rie foods still need to be includ­ed in your diet.

It turns out that they con­tain a lot of nutri­ents that your body des­per­ate­ly needs. What kind of food can and should be con­sumed even dur­ing a diet?


Antiox­i­dants, monoun­sat­u­rat­ed fats, beta-carotene — this is what an exot­ic avo­ca­do will sat­u­rate your body with. These sub­stances help low­er bad cho­les­terol lev­els, pre­vent dis­eases of the car­dio­vas­cu­lar sys­tem, and pre­serve mem­o­ry.

Nuts and seeds

Despite the fact that there are a lot of kilo­calo­ries in nuts and seeds, you can­not com­plete­ly exclude them from your menu. Nuts, for exam­ple, con­tain pro­tein, which is essen­tial for build­ing mus­cle. In addi­tion, these high-calo­rie foods con­tain healthy fats, vit­a­min E, fiber, mag­ne­sium, folic acid, zinc, and potas­si­um.


At first glance, fat­ty cheese may seem like the real ene­my of a chis­eled fig­ure. How­ev­er, do not rush to draw con­clu­sions! This prod­uct is an excel­lent source of cal­ci­um and pro­tein.

Olive oil

Of course, food cooked in olive oil will be more nutri­tious than with­out it. But also more use­ful! Monoun­sat­u­rat­ed fats, which are part of this prod­uct, pre­vent can­cer, heart dis­ease, have a good effect on brain and bone health.


Don’t eat pota­toes? Yes, they are real­ly full of car­bo­hy­drates, and even starch … How­ev­er, a baked pota­to with a skin is rich in iron, fiber and potas­si­um. For this rea­son alone, the prod­uct is worth includ­ing in the menu.

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